2022/2023 Cambridge Requirements and Acceptance Rate

Many students are searching for the right opportunity to study at Cambridge University, but the Cambridge acceptance rate is hindering them from reaching their goals. The institution is one of the universities for many international students from different parts of the globe. The ideal way to be admitted into this university is by making inquiries about their tuition fee, admission requirements, acceptance rate, and many others.

History of Cambridge University

It is a Collegiate research college in Cambridge, United Kingdom. In 1209, it came into existence and Henry III granted the school a Royal Charter in 1231. Also, it is the second oldest institution in the Anglophone-speaking countries. Cambridge University began due to some educational scholars leaving Oxford University after a conflict they had with their townspeople.

Cambridge University and Oxford University have the same things in common. In some scenarios, it could be referred to as Oxbridge. They have varieties of institutions in Cambridge University such as 31 semi-autonomous, 150 academic departments, and other faculties. The spectacular thing is these colleges are self-governing and it implies they control their membership using their internal structures.

Cambridge University has no main campus because its facilities and colleges are spread throughout the city. The undergraduate education in the school is carried out weekly through small group supervision (1 to 4 students). Also, in the central university lectures, laboratory works, and seminars are provided by the Central university departments and faculties. Presently, the school has a student population of 13,342 undergraduate students and 11,800 graduate students.

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Cambridge University Acceptance Rate for U.S Students

The United States makes its admission offer for its students on an individual basis. If you are an American student hoping to study at Cambridge University, it will be good to have a min of five or more Advanced Placement scores in your grade 5. Applicants will have reasonable pass marks on their school qualification with a high grade on the ACT or SAT (I) Reasoning Test.

Furthermore, the AP test is equivalent to SAT II (Subject) Tests. If you will be applying to Cambridge University, you will have to show all the language tests you have written alongside their scores. The Cambridge University acceptance rate for United States students is 12%.

Transfer Rate for Cambridge University

When it comes to accepting transfer students, Cambridge University is very strict, especially for students wanting to leave their university to gain admission into their university. These strict policies, it has led to high competition among transfer students.

However, it is essential if you will be applying to gain admission into Cambridge University, you will follow the requirements, instructions, and guidelines to make sure the right things are done. The Cambridge acceptance rate for a transfer student is 7%. We have seen the transfer rate for Cambridge University, it is necessary to know the admission requirements to become their students.

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Admission Requirements for Cambridge University

The eligibility requirements for both undergraduate and graduate programs are different from each other. Also, it depends on your course of study and department. These are the eligibility criteria to get admission into the university:

  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Statement of purpose or personal essay
  • Two reference letters
  • English language proficiency test score either SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS.

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Selection Process for Cambridge University

You will need to have a merit score to have admission into Cambridge University because each applicant is usually assessed through their CGPA score. Also, they are assessed based on their prospective courses before they can get admission. The selection team for Cambridge University pya much attention to ensure they select the best applicants.

Students should show they exhibit certain qualities that will help them in adjusting to new things. Also, it is good if you can be committed, disciplined, and self-motivated to achieve your goal in life. In Cambridge University, they emphasize their standard of education rather than its quantity. As a result, they choose students who are willing to dedicate time to their studies.

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate for MBA 

At Cambridge University, they refer to their MBA program as Management Degree Program. It is designed to offer deep understanding, vital interpersonal, leadership skills, and practical application to their students. It is a one-year program that provides students with a wide range of learning experiences. The Cambridge acceptance rate for MBA students is 33%.

The institution admits students with a minimum of three years of work experience before they can qualify to study with them. Also, you will need a minimum GPA score of 3.3 with vast knowledge in your career. It is essential to have good proficiency in the English language. According to statistics, 93% of MBA students from the Cambridge Judge Business School job receive an offer within three months of their graduation.

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Basic Steps to Enter Cambridge University

To enter Cambridge University, you will visit the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS), to fill out the online application. There may be a need to fill out some Cambridge-specific application paperwork. These are steps to follow:

  1. Choose a Course:

Since you want to spend your time studying a course, it will be advisable to choose a course you have more interest in to aid your learning process.

  1. Select your University:

When you find your way to London, your location will play a crucial role in your college choice.  Also, you can submit an open application to select your university.

  1. Send your Application:

Sending your application before the deadline is a better way of gaining admission into Cambridge University. If you don know the document to attach to your application, you can visit their website to gather extra information www.cam.ac.uk/apply.

  1. Written Evaluation:

If there will be an interview, you will write a written examination either before or during the Cambridge University interview.

  1. Selection Process:

The school is responsible for both undergraduate and graduate admissions. Therefore, you will have a notification regarding your application to have an idea of what is next.

  1. Interview:

You will have a 100% chance of going for an interview at Cambridge University. The major thing is for you to apply, then watch videos relating to interviews on the internet. Some of these interviews are organized in another country.

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Cambridge University has an acceptance rate that requires you to possess before getting admission into the school. Any student hoping to study as either an undergraduate or graduate student will have to check factors that will make them eligible for its admission.

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