Top 10 Canada Universities with High Acceptance Rate

Are you aware lots of international students are not still conversant with the numerous Canadian university acceptance rate? Canada is one of the best countries that offer quality education to both their indigenes and international students. Although gaining admission into one of these institutions in Canada is not easy at all. Most universities admit students with high GPA scores, and it is one of the criteria for any student who wants to gain scholarships in Canadian universities.

It is much easier to gain admission to study in the United States of America, but the reverse is the case in Canada. Canadian university acceptance rate is one of the essential things you must put in your mind as a student trying to study in Canada. However, the acceptance rate in a Canadian university is exceptionally high. There is a reason for this high acceptance rate, and it is due to the massive competition among international students.

Different Canada University Acceptance Rate

These are the various institutions in Canada and their acceptance rates, and here they are:

  1. Toronto School of Management:

The institution is primarily for business students who want to gain vast knowledge in learning various business degrees such as Data Science and Analytics, Business Management, Digital Marketing, and many others. One of the benefits of studying in this school, students who are far away can enroll for its online or distance learning. Besides this distance learning, the in-class lecture is available for students to contact their lecturers physically. The acceptance rate for this institution is 60%.

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  1. Wilfrid Laurier University:

Wilfrid Laurier University was established in the year 1911. It has made a good reputation academically with over 19,500 students, both indigenes and international. The school got the name from the former Prime minister of Canada, and since then, lots of developments are going on in the school. The school has over 100 courses available for students to make their choice of study. The Canadian university acceptance rate for this school is 55%.

  1. Lakehead University:

There is no way you want to mention universities in Canada without shortlisting Lakehead University. One of the benefits of studying law in this institution is that you can become a qualified practicing lawyer without passing through the usual hurdles of getting qualified.

There are three numerous campuses: Ontario, Orillia, and Thunder Bay. Apart from the Law faculty, it has a business school in Northern Ontario, and when once you study here, your certificate is known globally. The acceptance rate for Lakehead university is 55%.

  1. Ryerson University:

It is a Toronto-based institution founded in 1948, and there are four other significant school structures: the Ryerson Image Centre, the Mattamy Athletic Centre, the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex, and Yonge Street’s Student Learning Centre. Their undergraduate business school is one of the largest in Canada, and the school has gone into collaboration with various business firms around its region. The university acceptance rate is 55%.

  1. University of Guelph:

It is a public research university situated in Ontario with numerous courses within the faculty of science and arts. The University of Guelph has researched in various fields. Presently, a total number of 29,500 students are in the university. There are three multiple campuses in three provinces: Toronto, Guelph, and Ridgetown campuses. It came into existence in 1964, and the Canadian university acceptance rate is 50%.

  1. Université de Montréal:

It is a French university with over 600 academic programs and 67,400 students, both indigenes and international. As a result of the high acceptance rate, the university has gained recognition in Canada and other parts of the world. In terms of a decent study environment, their research labs enable students to carry out various research. In the University World ranking system, the university ranks at the 90th spot, and the acceptance rate is 50%.

  1. Concordia University:

It is one of the Quebec provincial institutions where the English language is used in lecturing students. Without Sir George Williams University and Loyola College’s combined effort, Concordia University won’t be in any existence. They are known for creating solutions that will offer a positive impact on the province. Presently, the school is ranking 22nd among other schools in Canada. It was established in 1974, and the Canadian university acceptance rate is 50%.

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland:

The Memorial University of Newfoundland is another university in Canada that offers high standard education and is located in Newfoundland and Labrador province. The school started in 1925 to pay tribute to people who lost their lives after World War I. The school has over 100 academic degree programs for over 18,000 students enrolled in various faculties or departments. The university’s introductory course is Marine and Ocean Engineering, and the acceptance rate is 50%.

  1. University of Saskatchewan:

Right from the inception of the university in the year 1907, many graduates have contributed to the development of the province. As a result of their outstanding education, they have over 27,500 students enrolled in one course or the other Besides education or academics, the university has an international hub that centers on integrating indigenous cultures.

In addition to it, they are more involved in research that has to do with water resources and food security. It is like their way of paying back to society. If you are after a university with research-intensive teachings, you can think of the University of Saskatchewan, and their acceptance rate is 40%.

  1. Carleton University:

Another name for this university is Canada’s Capital University. According to statistics, approximately 31,200 students enrolled in one course or the other to become professionals in their given form fields. Their male basket team is still a team to beat because they have won 14 championships right from 2003. The purpose of establishing the institution is to support various veterans of World War 2, and the Canadian university acceptance rate is 40%.

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In Canada, every institution has its acceptance rate for any student, both indigenous and international students, who want to enroll in any course. Students must know the acceptance rate to prepare ahead of time and avoid any setback that will hinder their dream course or school.

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