2022/2023 List of Canadian Universities without Application fee

Many students face challenges in obtaining admission to study in their dream school. They search for various means to acquire funds for their tuition fee and other miscellaneous costs like accommodation, feeding, and transportation. Without any further ado, we will see Canadian universities without application fees.

Canadian Universities without Application Fee

When it comes to a structured educational system, Canada is a highly developed country and one of the largest countries in the world. There are different things to enjoy studying in Canadian universities, such as low crime rate, affordable living, high-quality education, etc. Some universities do not impose acceptance fees on students; these are lists of Canadian universities without acceptance fees.

  1. Booth University College:

It is a well-recognized institution in Canada, and Booth University College was formerly known as the Salvation Army Williams and Catherine Booth University College. The Liberal Arts University College is located in Winnipeg, Canada. It was founded around 1982 with about 282 students.

The institution has four departments – Business, Continuing Studies, Social work, and Humanities and Social Studies. Applicants are not expected to pay Application fees, but students pay about 500 CAD to claim their admission space.

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  1. The University of Alberta:

This institution is a public university in Edmonton and was established in 1908. It does not charge application fees, especially from international students from less developed countries under the United Nations. It has five campuses and 18 faculties, about 8000 international students, and 40,000 students in total.

When students get admitted into the University of Alberta, they pay a non-refundable $1000 deposit for their tuition fee. It is compulsory to pay this fee before they start their course registration. In addition, the institution is recognized globally for partaking in and financing humorous projects, which have led to the growth of the institution and students.

  1. The University of British Columbia:

The university has been categorized as the 45th leading university globally and amongst the Canadian universities without application fee. The institution is a public university located in Vancouver and it was established in 1908. There are 12 faculties in several fields like architecture, arts, business, forestry, and dentistry.

Students from underdeveloped countries are applying to study at the University of British Columbia. Indigenous students are seeking admission to the chemistry department for postgraduate programs, and also postdoctoral studies in their preferred department and faculties.

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  1. The University of Victoria:

It is among the prestigious Canadian universities in Canada without application fee. The University of Victoria offers the best graduate and undergraduate courses in Canada. In addition, there is access to facilities and scholarship opportunities for both foreign and local students. Also, the institution makes tremendous funding towards research and projects.

There is an acknowledged fact that the university does not charge students application fees. There are other privileges attached to studying here, such as good infrastructure, formal education, and a conducive learning environment. However, undergraduate students are expected to pay $200 as a depos for the acceptance fee.

  1. University of New Brunswick:

The University doesn’t accept application fees from students, and the university is located in Saint John and Fredericton. It was founded in 1875 and has upheld quality education, a suitable learning environment, and well-qualified instructors and educators. The institution has two major campuses, one in Saint John and the other in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

There are about 75 undergraduate courses and over 35 research fields made accessible to students at the University of New Brunswick. The university takes great pride in the growth and progress of students. Also, the student’s interest is of paramount importance to the university, which has led to the continuous improvement of the University in Canada.

  1. Tyndale University, Canada:

The university aims at grooming morally upright students, adequately trained and of great value to the church and society. Tyndale university is among the Canadian Universities without application fee. The University might not have a large infrastructure, but it has existed for a century.

It is located in Ontario, Canada, and the institution has approximately 1300 students and has degrees in both undergraduate and graduate programs. There are only three master’s and doctor’s degree programs available. The undergraduate field has Administration, Education, English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and many others.

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  1. Royal Roads University:

This institution has a free online application for international students to register online. The institution is located in Colwood, British Columbia, Canada. The institution is a public university and provides access to both foreign and domestic students to apply and has a large number of about 5,000 students every year.

Royal Roads University offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses and is committed to ensuring students excel in whatever field they partake in. In addition, there’s homely feely the university brings to the students. You can stay within the school or decide to stay out of the school premises.

  1. Quest International University:

This institution provides free online applications to international students before the application deadline. It is a Private institution in Squamish, British Columbia. The university is not an enormous one and was established in 2007. However, there are about 700 students in the school, making it conducive for students that do not enjoy too much crowd.

The university focuses more on Liberal Arts and Sciences and is committed to bringing the best out of students. The tuition is affordable and has modern buildings, facilities, and equipment. The Courses available are outstanding, enabling students to participate effectively and come out excellently.

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We have more public universities in Canada that do not accept application fees in most cases. It is essential to check out the university website to be fully updated on new developments regarding the payments scheme and applications process. Some universities require international students’ acceptance fees, while others do not see the need as long as the deadline isn’t exceeded.

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