How to Write a Cover Letter for Visa Application

There is no way one would want to obtain a visa from an embassy without writing a cover letter for a visa application. This letter serves as a means of communication between the applicant and the embassy. As a result of this, one has to be careful when writing his or her cover letter for visa application. There are several reasons or motives behind people writing a cover letter when they are applying for a visa such as business, tourism, medical, conferences, events, etc.

What is a Cover Letter for Visa application?

A cover letter is a kind of an application letter the visa candidate forward to the embassy that is handling the visa application documents. This creates awareness to the embassy that the visa applicant has been granted official permission into the country. The cover letter can affect the visa application positively or negatively. There’s no big deal about writing one, the only thing is to keep an open mind. This letter helps the applicant to introduce himself or herself, and the aim of traveling to that country.

In writing a cover letter, the letter should be written in a way to show it is specifically for an embassy. Any applicant writing this letter should make it convincing enough for the embassy to issue out visa to the applicant. With this cover letter for the visa application, the embassy will see the applicant as someone genuine. It provides more validation for the applicant about his or her visa application form.

Important Things in a Cover Letter for Visa Application

There are basic things a cover letter for this kind of application should have, and they are:

  • The motive(s) of travel.
  • Evidence of how the trip will be funded (own or sponsor).
  • Show the relationship between you and the funder.
  • Your organized itinerary of activities in the country.
  • Place of accommodation in the country.
  • Traveling duration

NB: If you can’t provide any of the documents, reasons should be given.

The major thing is for the individual to know the kind of cover letter for the visa application he or she wants to write. This will ease the writing process, and enable such a person to provide the right information to the embassy.

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Sample of a Cover Letter for Visa Application

One thing to always remember, the right documents should be available for the kind of cover letter for visa application. For example, if someone is traveling to Luxembourg because of his or her health, the documents associated with his or her health should be available. If it is possible, the applicant can also include them in the cover letter. This is a sample of a cover letter for visa application together with an organized itinerary:


April 25, 2020,

2nd & 3rd floor, Island Road,

Residency Rd,

Washington DC,

The USA.

Subject: Name YYYYYYY, USA Passport No: YYYYYY, Schengen Visa for Tourist Travel

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to apply for a Schengen visa, because I want to travel to London from June 14, 2020, to July 12, 2020.

The main aim of my travel is to visit London and tour around. I wish to learn about their culture and lifestyle while becoming acquainted with the other neighboring cities. During my stay, I want to have a good time to unwind and visit many site destinations in London.

I am employed at *employer name* in *employer address* since YYYY, currently in the job of YYYY. This short time of tourist visit for the time duration mentioned above has been sanctioned by my employer.

These are my documents to ease the process of my visa application:

  • Visa application form, duly dated and signed with attached passport photographs
  • Passport with other travel histories
  • My travel Insurance
  • E-ticket reservation for my flight.
  • Hotel reservations for my stay in London
  • Job employment & leave certificates indicating my leave and date expected for me to return to work
  • ITR, Payslips, and my statement of account.

NB: Don’t forget to add health reports if there is a need.

Planned Itinerary:

June 14, 2020 – Flight from Washington DC to London via *flight/airline name*

June 16, 2020 – Travel from London to Newcastle and stay at YYY

June 19, 2020 – Travel from Newcastle to West ham and stay at YYY

June 20, 2020 – Travel from West ham to Arsenal and stay at YYY

June 23, 2020 – Travel from Arsenal to Ipswich town and stay at YYY

June 26, 2020 – Travel from Ipswich town to Manchester city and stay at YYY

July 12, 2020 – Flight back to London to Washington DC via *Flight/airline name*

I hope my activities in London are clearly understood. You can still contact me for other explanations.

Thanking you, am looking forward to hearing from you.


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