How to Write a Covering Letter for any Visa

A covering letter for visa is a document where the applicant states their reason(s) for travelling by explaining the different things they intend doing in a particular country. The essence of this is to create some level of trust between the traveller and the embassy to show the traveller is being genuine with his or her intentions. A good covering letter should show some sort of connection with the embassy which gives room for minimal chances for visa rejection.

Covering letter for a visa can be written by the applicant, friend, colleagues, siblings, family, or even a corporate organization. This letter helps to ease the Visa process to another country. It could also be required depending on the country that the applicant intends to travel, and it is advisable to attach relevant documents to make the letter authentic. It has been discovered that those who provide additional documents to their covering letter for visa have a better advantage compared to others who didn’t attach theirs.

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What does a covering letter entail?

The following bare the things that must be seen in your covering letter for visa:

1.     Purpose of Travel:

Everyone has a different reason for travelling to a particular country. This could be for holiday, honeymoon, conference, seminars, entertainment, tourism, and many others. The embassy wants your intention to be known for them because if they get the letter they are eager to know the reason for your travelling.

2.     Sponsor of the Travelling:

This is one of the mistakes people make by neglecting to write their sponsor inside the cover letter. If you are going to be the one sponsoring the travelling, you must make sure it is clearly stated inside the letter. On the other hand, if it is another person who is going to sponsor, you have to make it known.

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3.     Accommodation:

No country will be happy to see a foreigner coming into their country, and then becoming a nuisance on the road. The address of where you will be staying in the country should be inside the covering letter for the visa too. It shows the embassy that your journey is well arranged already.

4.     Date of Return:

There should be a definite date you intend going back to your country of residence. The date should be clearly stated when you are writing the covering letter for visa. This plays a vital role in the approval or disapproval of the visa. It should be noted that the returning date on your letter must tally with the one on your itinerary.

Cover letter sample for a tourist visa

October 20, 2020


No. 6 Braithwaite lane

Paris, France.

Subject: Yosef Dagari. France Passport number: XXXX. Visit for family and friend

Dear Sir/Ma,

I would like to apply for a visa concerning my intention to travel to Nigeria from October 30 to November 30, 2020.

The purpose of my travelling is to visit my Nigerian friend. This, however, includes visiting the magnificent sights in Nigeria and enjoying their cultures and most importantly their food which includes the world-famous Nigeria Jollof rice.

I am employed at (name of employer) in (address of employer) since January 2017, currently holding the position of Human Resource Manager. My vacation from work has already been approved by my employer.

Please find the following documents to support my visa application:

  1. Visa application form
  2. Passport showing my travel experience
  3. Travel insurance
  4. E-ticket reservation
  5. Hotel reservations
  6. Employment and leave approval certificate

6.Payslips and saving accounts

Also the addition documents showing your medical records.

Your plans itinerary (indications what you will be doing from the day you get there to the day you leave)

If you do have further questions to ask please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Thank you in advance for a favourable reply.


(Complete name)


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