10 Best Engineering Universities in Australia for 2021/2022

Australia is the largest country in Oceania, and it is also tagged the sixth-largest country by total area. Australia has no official language, but English has been settled as a default language since Australia’s European settlement.

Australia is a country housing up to 43 universities, with forty Australian universities, two international universities, and one private specialty University cited at different locations in Australia; each University has its uniqueness it is known for, in this article Engineering Universities in Australia will be reviewed.

It also gives you a wide choice or range of subjects to study, Australia possesses good climate conditions at most times, and you can also work while you study. We are witnesses to the marvels of science, the evolution the earth has achieved through science personnel like scientists, doctors, and engineers.

With an average Engineer earning $107,261 per year or $55.01 per hour, engineering has become a relevant course of study for students, and since the “work, while you study” feature is made available, the Engineering course in the University is made a demanding choice of study. Therefore, Engineering universities in Australia would be listed and discussed thus.

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  1. Australia National University:

It is one of Australia’s best engineering universities, the university ranked #1 in Australia and #22 in the world. It ranks about 18,801 enrollments of students. It is also a research university with its location in Canberra, Australia’s capital. By 2021 the University was ranked #1 university in Australia and #1 in the southern region.

Although it is the number 1 university in Australia, it ranked number 5 for Australian engineering and technology schools. Another fact to note is that the bachelor of Engineering degree in Australia takes four years longer to attain.

  1. University of Melbourne:

The University of Melbourne is a public university founded in 1853, and its location is Melbourne, Australia. It is moderately difficult to gain admission into the University as its acceptance rate is around 70 to 80%.

For an aspiring engineer, a required minimum of 70% or equivalent is essential to gain admission into the University. In this University, the faculty of engineering is the oldest in all of Australia. For this reason, it is automatically in the league of the best in training engineers.

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  1. University of Western Australia:

At this University, you need five years to be an Engineer. You are introduced to a three-year bachelor’s degree with a major in engineering science from the first year, or you can opt for the newly-introduced bachelor of automation and robotic.

These three years strengthens your profession as an Engineer, and then afterward, you will have to complete a two-year Master of Professional Engineering (MPE), where you can then specialize in one of eight courses, either environmental, mechanical, biomedical, chemical, civil, mining, or software engineering. This University is a stronghold has it has shouldered many prestigious Engineers from recent times.

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  1. Monash University:

This University offers the professionally accredited “Bachelor of Engineering” (honors) as a four-year course, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Monash university’s faculty of engineering is known to be one of the largest engineering faculty in Australia. It was given a rating of 66.8 as its object score and 75.0 as its global score.

At a time, it tanked 57,406 enrolments. It also offers the decision to study a double-degree if you have the passion for studying two disciplines and would also like to venture and further your career options; that is, there is an option to hold two degrees of different disciplines if you choose to. Monash University is ranked 48th in global universities and is one of the best options for an aspiring Engineer.

  1. Queensland University of Technology:

This University, abbreviated as QUT, is very different from the University of Queensland abbreviated. The Queensland University of Technology was established in the year 1989. In the long run, the University has had a list of reputable persons, including politicians, Media persons, Attorneys, Artists, and Academics, to name a few, making it an attraction for success.

The Queensland University of technology is more practical, while the University of Queensland is more theoretical, making the QUT a better choice for professionally driven engineers. The Queensland University of Technology strengthens your skills as an engineer in every aspect, as it is more practical than theoretical, and thus, it brings to light the best in any university student.

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  1. Western Sydney University:

The Western Sydney University, known for its strength in research, is ranked 26th in Australia. Its system is a four-year degree program. This program has been designed to tutor the students to meet the needs and requirements of Engineers. Consequently, Australia’s need for engineers is being met by the University’s build-up for the students. It has had its enrollment at 34,750 and its global score to be 59.2. The University is a place to breed Engineers.

  1. Macquarie University:

Macquarie University provides the liberty for students to make combinations to any field of study, giving them diverse knowledge, skill set, and an opportunity to expand their career options. The University, which is located in Sydney, Australia, ranks quite fairly high in overall rating, with 78% of Engineering students and more satisfied with their educational experiences.

  1. Griffith University:

Griffith University is known for its standards and Educational quality. In the first year, Griffith helps students develop strong foundations in basic science and engineering principles. Students studying a range of various Engineering areas have to decide which area interests them the most. The University has had an enrollment of 33,645 with a global score of 61.7. It is considered one of Australia’s best engineering universities due to the satisfactory remarks made by students who have experienced the schools’ educational system.

  1. Swinburne University of Technology:

It is another profound engineering university in Australia, located in Melbourne in Australia. The Swinburne University of Technology carries a global score of 57.9, with 15,604 students over time. It is rated #146 in best universities for Engineering and #297 in best global University. It is an ideal Engineering university in Australia because its remarkable research, science, and technology have connected to the business community in Australia.

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  1. Curtin University:

This University is located in Perth, Australia, and it’s also one of the best engineering universities in Australia. It’s a leading Australian University whose Campus outstretches to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and others, offering postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Curtin University also acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which it is cited in the wadjum people of the Nyunger Nation, Perth, Australia.

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