How to Immigrate to Singapore & Become Permanent Resident

Are you looking forward to immigrate to Singapore? Do you also wish to become a Singapore permanent resident? This content details all you need to know about Singapore immigration programs and paths to becoming a permanent residency in Singapore.

Singapore is an Asia country and a global financial centre with a tropical climate and multicultural population. It’s located around the island city-state off southern Malaysia. However, it’s commonly seen as the “Lion city”, have one of the best tourist centres, university and also great firms for start-ups and business. These things make Singapore one of the most desirable countries for immigration.

As a newcomer or foreign nationals looking forward to migrate to Singapore and also become permanent residence, there are certain paths and options you can follow to achieve this. However, whichever path you choose depends on the criteria and qualification you’ve achieved.

Let me quickly highlight the benefits of becoming a Singapore permanent resident. I’ll also highlight the paths to becoming a permanent residency in Singapore and explain the two major paths to getting Singapore permanent resident which includes student and work visas.

Benefits of Permanent residency in Singapore

  • You’re free to travel in and out of Singapore without needing to apply or any travel visa in Singapore. A blue card would be received which can act as your identity documents
  • You can include your spouse or children under 21 or the permanent resident application
  • You can apply for long-stay visa for your parents
  • You can change jobs freely in Singapore without need of work permit
  • After a number of years of holding permanent residence status, you can apply for Singapore citizenship and enjoy many other benefits

Paths to becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident

  1. You can become a permanent resident in Singapore if you’re a spouse of a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident
  2. You can also become a permanent resident of Singapore if you’re an unmarried child aged below 21 born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a Singapore citizen or permanent resident
  3. You can also become a permanent resident if you’re an aged parent of a Singapore citizen
  4. Also, you can become a permanent resident if you’re a holder of either S pass or Employment pass
  5. As a student studying in Singapore is also a path to becoming a Singapore permanent resident
  6. You can also become a Singapore permanent resident by investment

Now you’ve gone through the paths on becoming a permanent residency in Singapore. I want to explain how you can at least achieve Singapore work visa or pass and also for foreign nationals who wish to study in Singapore, how you can also obtain the Singapore student visa or pass.

How to get Singapore work visa

In Singapore, there’s no such thing as work visa, they make use of the term, work pass. So I’ll quickly highlight the various works pass available in Singapore and its requirements. This is a method to immigrate to Singapore.

Types of Singapore work visa and Eligibility

  • Personalised Employment Pass: This work pass is obtained by only highly skilled earning professionals who already hold an existing employment pass or overseas professional. However, these professionals must earn an annual fixed salary of $144,000.
  • S Pass: This work pass is obtained by mid-class individuals that is fixed on minimum of $2,200 monthly salary and meets up criteria.
  • Employment Pass: This work pass is obtained by professional individuals that is fixed on minimum of $3,600 monthly salary and meets up criteria.
  • Work permit: Singapore also have work permit for foreign domestic workers, performing artiste and also for foreign workers that does construction jobs, marine, service sector etc.
  • Entre Pass: This is for foreign nationals who want to start up a business in Singapore
  • Training Employment Pass: This can be obtained by professionals who undergo practical training and also earns minimum of $3,000 monthly
  • Dependent pass: This is obtained by the spouse or children of S pass or Employment pass holders

Other working visas or pass includes, training work permit, working holiday pass, letter of consent, long term visit pass and miscellaneous work pass.

How to get Singapore study visa

Singapore is one of the best options for international students seeking for world-class education. However, there institutions are top-notched, well facilitated with one of the most qualified expertise and professionals.

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Requirements to get Student pass in Singapore

  • A valid passport that must be at least 3months after study program
  • A valid identity card
  • Most recent photograph in passport style
  • Letter of acceptance from the Singapore institution
  • Printed copy of the eForm 16 and eForm V36 from the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration system.
  • Study plan (Signed)
  • Test score (i.e GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS)
  • Medical certificate
  • Academy certificate and transcripts
  • Proof of finance

The above requirements are needed to apply for Singapore student pass. Complete your registration on SOLAR (Singapore official registration system), print the eForm 16 and submit to ICA (Immigration checkpoint authority) for evaluation, pay necessary fees and wait to get approved by ICA.

If you wish to immigrate to Singapore and apply for student pass, work pass or permanent residence status, you can visit the official Singapore immigration website and access yourself freely before you apply. If you’ve any further question in regards on how you can immigrate to Singapore, permanent residency in Singapore, Singapore student pass, work pass or any other related question, please do let me know via comment section.

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