Full List of Immigration Lawyer and Law Firms in Netherlands

For any individual who wants to travel to Netherland, there should be no reason for him or her to ignore having an immigration lawyer in Netherlands. Immigration lawyers are professionals or experts who deal with problems regarding immigration of foreigners. Since life isn’t fair to everyone, there are people who are still going to have issues with immigration officers in Netherland. The purpose of having an immigration lawyer is for unforeseen immigration problems.

Netherland is a country which speaks Dutch as their official language. Sometimes, immigrants might default the rule based on the fact they don’t understand the language. As a result of this, they can interpret the immigration laws from their own perspective. Getting any immigration lawyer in Netherland demands one to find a lawyer who has handled different immigration problems, and also with vast experiences.

 Why People Need Immigration Lawyer in Netherlands?

The truth must be told as long as an individual is in Netherland as a foreigner it is advisable to have an immigration lawyer for the following reasons:

1.    Complex Immigration Issues:

There are different immigration issues that might occur to a foreigner in Netherland such as missing deadline of an application, failure to send the right documents, delay in the application process for a visa, or work permit. It is the role of the immigration lawyer in Netherlands to help foreigners in situation like this.

2.    Resolving Court Issues:

There are situations where the problem might goes extreme, and the offender (foreign immigrant) who be called to face the law court. The immigration lawyer in Netherlands can appear in the law court to defend the immigrant from being prosecuted by the law. Since the immigration lawyer understands the rules on how to resolve this kind of problem, they will use their expertise to rescue the immigrant.

3.    Settle Issues with Immigration Officers:

In every country, there are people who are responsible for monitoring activities that go on within the border of a country. Fortunately, there are some foreigners who might one way or the other default the rules and regulations in Netherland. From this problem, their relevant documents could be forfeited or seized. It is only an immigration lawyer that can help them out through this problem.

List of Immigration Lawyers and Law Firms in Netherlands

  1. Proell Attorneys at Law, Located at Vijzelstraat 20 Amsterdam 1017 HK, Netherlands. Contact via +31 (20) 854-6913 or visit amsterdamlawyers.com
  2. Meijers Canatan Advocaten, Located at Herengracht 478 Amsterdam 1017CB, Netherlands. Contact via +31 (20) 638-3606 or visit meijerscanatan.nl
  3. Maples Group, Located at Strawinskylaan 1209 Tower A, Level 12 Amsterdam 1077 XX, Netherlands. Contact via +31 20 570 6810
  4. Dentons, Located at Gustav Mahlerplein 2 Amsterdam 1082, Netherlands. Contact via +31 20 795 39 53
  5. CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP, Located at Atrium, Parnassusweg 737 Amsterdam 1077 DG, Netherlands. Contact via +31 (20) 301 6301
  6. Russell Advocaten, Located at Atrium, Reimersbeek 2 Amsterdam 1082 AG, Netherlands. Contact via +31 20 301 55 55
  7. Eversheds Sutherland AG, Located at Cuserstraat 85a Amsterdam 1081 CN, Netherlands. Contact via +31 (20) 5600 600
  8. DLA Piper, Located at Gebouw Meerparc Amstelveenseweg 638 Amsterdam 1081 JJ, Netherlands. Contact via +31 20 5419888

Other Interesting Contents

What is expected from an Immigration Lawyer in Netherlands?

There are things expected for an Immigration Lawyer in Netherlands to have in terms of code of conduct. These are the things any individual who wants an Immigration Lawyer to check out for before they choose anyone, and here they are:

1.     Confidentiality:

An Immigration lawyer should be someone that foreign migrants could rely on. This is one of the top qualities the lawyer should have. As a foreigner who wants to have any immigration deal with any lawyer, it is advisable that the deal is being backed up by a law guiding both parties. This helps to bond the two of you so that no one will snitch on each other.

2.    Independence:

The immigration lawyer must be an individual who is ready to deliver in times of duress. One of the ways to go about this is to go through the immigration lawyer’s history to know the numbers of people who have worked with him or her overtime. If they are much this implies the lawyer has been delivering well for foreign immigrants in Netherland.

3.    Level of Expertise:

Foreign immigrants making use of an Immigration lawyer in Netherlands stand a better chance of settling immigration issues in the Netherland. This is based on the level of competence of the immigration lawyer, and it is another way of showing the lawyer has a good reputation in his or her country (Netherland).

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