Full List of Immigration Lawyers and Law firms in Finland

This article details the full list of Immigration lawyer in Finland and other law firms that could assist you become an immigrant of Finland. However, they’ve different roles to play but before I highlight the roles of an immigration lawyer in Finland, let me quickly brief you about Finland and why you should consider migrating to Finland.

Finland is a Northern European country and known to be the best destination to spot the Northern lights. In this country you get to see more water and more forest compared to any other European country making it one of the best nature’s closest.

There are so many reasons you should consider migrating to Finland and I’ll brief you through some of them. After that, I’ll highlight the roles of Immigration lawyers in Finland and provide you a full list of Immigration lawyers Finland.

Why you should Consider Migrating to Finland

  1. Finland is known as “Everyman’s Land”, this entails that everyone is given equal rights to roam around.
  2. If you’re a big fan of skiing, then thank goodness. Finland is the best place for skiing activities.
  3. Finland is one of the safest places in the world to reside with very low crime rate.
  4. For coffee lovers, I guess you can get one of the best coffee recipes in Finland
  5. In Finland, their creativity is somewhat outstanding. They host one of the craziest events in the globe.
  6. In all, happiness really matters, so if you’re looking for a happy country, you should defiantly plan on exploring Finland
  7. Finland educational system is also outstanding with professional staffs and well equipped institutions.
  8. In Finland, there is high rate of employment compared to other European countries.
  9. Low pollution and more nature in their environment, which means, you experience clean air in Finland
  10. There’s low rate of corruption in Finland which also leads to growth in their economy.

Roles of an Immigration Lawyer in Finland

  1. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, instead of hiring a criminal lawyer its best you hire an immigration attorney or lawyer as they’ve more experience on immigration law and this pulls in higher chances of migrating to your choice of country.
  2. An immigration lawyer assists you on immigration processes if your prior application on migrating to Finland was denied.
  3. If you’ve a medical condition which may lead to denial of entry into Finland, an immigration lawyer could assist you because not all medical condition could cause harm to public health.
  4. An immigration lawyer is familiar with the application process and waiting time, so when migrating to Finland, you don’t need to wait for unnecessary long time to get approved. The help of an immigration lawyer speeds the wait time and process.
  5. If you’re already residing in Finland but looking forward to become a permanent residence of Finland, this status can be achieved easily with the help of an immigration lawyer.
  6. For those of you seeking for an employment based visa and your employer isn’t giving any assistance towards the immigration issues, then it’s advised you hire an immigration lawyer.
  7. Another big role of an immigration lawyer is to listen, counsel and advise you.

Articles you should visit:

There are other things an immigration lawyers in Finland could help you with. So it’s advisable to always hire an immigration lawyer in Finland if you’re looking forward to migrating to Finland for business, study or any other related activities.

Disclaimer: Careergigo is an online publication and I’ll primary objectivities is to educate visitors with guides on immigration and other related information. However, we may provide you with list of immigration lawyers and law firms alongside with links but we do not offer any form of immigration services.

List of Immigration Lawyers and Law Firms

  1. Law Office Lehtonen Ltd, located at Matkamiehenpolku 1, Helsinki 00320, Finland. Info @ lakilehtonen.fi or call +358 (93) 540-7111.
  2. White & Case LLP, located at Asianajotoimisto, White & Case Oy, Eteläranta 14, Helsinki FIN-00130, Finland. For more details, contact +358 9 228641.
  3. Immigration Lawyer – Immigration Assistance Service Finland (IASF), located at Itämerenkatu 5, 00180 Helsinki, Finland. For more details visit iasf.fi or contact +358 44 2364536.
  4. Asyl Law Männistö Oy, located at Eerikinkatu 48, 00180 Helsinki, Finland. For more details visit asyllawmannisto.com or call +358 40 0216519.

This is all I can provide you with for now. However, we will continue to update the list if we gather information of other immigration lawyers in Finland. If you’ve any questions or problems migrating to Finland, I advise you should contact any of the above Finland law firms or immigration lawyers.

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