Full List of Immigration Lawyer and Law Firms in Switzerland

Have you heard about immigration lawyer in Switzerland and their various functions? In every country, they have their immigration lawyer(s) who are responsible for laws governing foreign citizens into and out of a country. The immigration laws in Switzerland are different from any country. This implies every country has its immigration laws to control the migration and emigration of people.

These immigration National laws used in Switzerland are being controlled by international law. Immigration lawyer in Switzerland is partially involved in travel documents such as visa, work permit, international passports, etc. For anyone who is in Switzerland having issues with travel documents can make use of immigration lawyers to help them out in law court. People do confuse consultant to immigration lawyers based on the fact they have closed similarities, but this is wrong.

Functions of Immigration Lawyer in Switzerland

One needs to have a basic understanding of immigration lawyers before seeking their services. The kind of role they carry out is similar to a counselor or advisor that acts as a mediator between a foreigner and immigrants in Switzerland, and these are their functions:

1.    Educating and Enlighten Foreigners:

They help in educating and guiding foreigners in Switzerland on important issues regarding immigration such as naturalization, citizenship, green cards, and deportation problems. Some Foreigners are faced with this kind of problems; therefore they need an immigration lawyer in Switzerland.

2.    Civil Disputes:

This is one of the functions of an immigration lawyer in Switzerland. There are cases that a foreigner can have an issue with people who are responsible for immigration in different borders in Switzerland. Therefore, the immigration lawyer comes in between the immigration authorities and the foreigner to make sure the problem is being resolved.

3.    Court Representation:

They appear in the law court if there’s an issue to be settled on behalf of the client (foreigner). Any judgment that is passed in the law court, the immigration lawyer goes back to interpret the judgment to the client.

Conditions that Demands Immigration Lawyer in Switzerland

The following are situations that warrant an immigration lawyer, and here they are:

1.    Denial of Immigrant’s Application:

An immigration lawyer has the ability to figure out why the candidate’s application was not accepted. They can also stand in the gap to make an appeal for their candidate’s application. If the situation warrants the candidate to reapply, they will also make it known to them.

2.    Deportation of a Foreigner:

Someone who has been deported from Switzerland will need an immigration lawyer to help out. When an individual is being deported from a particular country, it implies they won’t be allowed to enter the country in the future. Therefore, the immigration lawyer helps to fight against this issue.

3.    Delay in Application Process:

There are times the candidate will submit an application, and then, expect a rapid response from the immigration officers, but the reverse is the case. An immigration lawyer is conversant with the application procedures and processes; they can come in to hasten the entire process for the candidate.

4.    Seeking an Employment-based Visa:

This employment-based visa process can be challenging, complicated, and demanding for foreigners. An immigration lawyer can ensure that Switzerland employers are helping their foreign workers to get their working visas on time.


List of Immigration Lawyers and Law Firm in Switzerland

  1. THEVOZ Attorneys, PLLC, Located at Rue de l’Etraz 4 Cp 1002 1002, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 (58) 255-0670 or visit their website at thevoz.law
  2. Alzayat Law Firm, Located at Obstgartenstrasse 5 8910 Affoltern Am Albis Zurich, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 41 552 20 66 or visit their website at alzayatfirm.com
  3. Lexial Law Firm, Located at Rue du Général Dufour 22 Case Postale 5539 Geneva CH-1211, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 (0 22) 809 64 68 or visit their website at lexial.eu
  4. Croce & Associes SA Law Firm, Located at Rue des Alpes 7 Geneva CH-1201, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 (22) 906-8500 or visit their website at croce-associes.ch
  5. Pétremand & Rappo Law Firm, Located at Avenue d’Ouchy 14 Lausanne CH-1001, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 21 614 30 20
  6. Morgan & Morgan Law Firm, Located at 65, Rue de Laussanne Geneva 1211, Switzerland. For more details, contact via 4122 908 6999
  7. CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP Law Firm, Located at Rue Bovy-Lysberg 2 Geneva 1211, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 (22) 311 0010
  8. Eversheds Sutherland AG Law Firm, Located at Schwanengasse 1 Bern 3001, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 31 328 75 75
  9. Byrne-Sutton Bollen Kern Law Firm, Located at 3, rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville Suisse Geneva 1204, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 (22) 3185636
  10. Fragomen Worldwide Law Firm, Located at Rämistrasse 8 Zurich 8001, Switzerland. For more details, contact via +41 44 267 44 80

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There are lots of problems regarding immigration, because of application processes for visa and work permits that might sometime take a longer time to be approved. This is the reason an immigration lawyer in Switzerland is essential to have in order to help out with immigration problems.

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