International Technological University – Review & Acceptance rate

The international technological university happens to be a private institution located in Santa Clara, California, United States of America. Since its existence in 1994 by the founder Prof. Shu-Park Chan, the school has progressed in producing graduates from various departments and faculties. There are six departments both at the undergraduate and graduate level for anyone to earn their degree.

For instance, students in departments such as artificial intelligence, digital art, criterion testing, etc., can make use of the laboratory for research purposes. In April 2011, the international technological university relocated from San Jose to Sunnyvale. After three years, they move to their permanent campus on March 25, 2015. The major thing that has brought development into the international technological university is the innovation in Silicon Valley.

The school is known for offering both engineering and business education to its students to enable them to create dynamic changes in various industries. Also, they have a major goal of empowering people to become influencers that will contribute positively to the global economy. As a result of the impact of technology, the number of students in the international technological university has increased both online and on campus.

International Technological University Accreditation

On February 22, 2013, the University was accredited by an organization called the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). After this accreditation, the body decided to criticize due to having no leadership structure, insufficient staff, staff intimidation, non-viable financial sustainability, and lack of compliances. On April 27, 2017, the school got its programmatic accreditation.

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International Technological University Campus

The university is close to a big company making a name in the globe such as Adobe, Google, and Apple. There is free transportation available to carry students from one place to other. Also, the institution encourages social interaction amongst students due to its welcoming environment. As a result of this, it propagates both industry-related and academic skills based on several workshops. There is also a student government association that acts as an intermediary between students and the administration.

Non-Residence of International Technological University

Students planning on visiting Silicon Valley can reside at SpringHill Suites Marriott due to its proximity to the campus, and it comes at affordable rates. There is still another option for students to reside in either of these four counties such as San Francisco, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, and San Mateo County.

Each of these places or housing facilities has healthcare and medical facilities. The accommodation in these places allows students to live for a very long time with their family members. Therefore creating an opportunity for students to check comfortable accommodations using different portals such as For rent, Studios Inn, Homestay finder, Zumper apartment, etc.

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International Technological University Courses

They offer both degree and non-degree programs, and the degree programs have two bachelor’s degrees, ten master’s degrees, and three doctoral degrees, while the non-degree programs,  open-campus, and certificate programs. The institution offers certificates that have been developed by the International Technological University going into partnership with other firms like Salesforce Certification, SAP Alliance Certification, Cisco Network Certification, etc.

The MBA program if the institution has been prepared in a way that will help students become conversant with the in-depth business knowledge attached with their skills in the long run, and there are chances for them to be mentored by key players in the industry such as HP, NASA, Pfizer, and lots more.

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Application Process of International Technological University

They have a special review process that considers the usefulness of subjects, real-life situations, academic records, and test scores.

Method of Application

Here are the methods for applying for admission to International Technological University:

  1. Visiting the university website
  2. Paying the application fee (100USD)

iii. Submission of important documents:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Good GRE/GMAT scores for bachelor’s degree holders
  • Good English test score
  • Resumé and Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of recommendation

Cost of Attendance of International Technological University Cost

These are the various fee or estimated budgets for master’s degree students and they are:

  • Tuition Fee: 25,200
  • Registration Fee: 200
  • Technology Fee: 800
  • Valley transportation authority Fee: 171
  • Orientation Fee: 250
  • Graduation Fee: 200
  • Application Fee: 250
  • Student Government Association Fee: 60

Scholarship or Financial Aid for International Technological University

International students who are not financially buoyant can consider international technological university scholarships to fund their education. Before anyone could acquire the scholarship, they have to merit it by performing exceptionally well in their academics. These are essential details of the scholarship awards:

  • Students must a cumulative grade point average of 3.85
  • Have a minimum of 9 credit hours in their courses
  • Filling their details on the school portal
  • Submission before the deadline
  • Personal statement to show eligibility
  • Essay showing achievements

Students need to note that there are part-time jobs close to their schools they can get themselves employ to fund their tuition fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. Job openings in the university are being advertised in the career of the university portal. Some of these jobs for students to fill in are:

  • Student Assistants: The nature of the job is strictly administrative duties such as making photocopies, campus tour guides, classroom errands, etc.
  • Tutors: The job is for outstanding students with a GPA score of 3.8 and above. They can be appointed by the institution to teach students in different courses where they are finding hard to understand.

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International Technological University Alumni Network

The University alumni of the institution are entitled to obtain different benefits such as:

  • Industry meetups
  • International technological university discounts
  • Career services
  • Special International technological university event deals
  • Reduction in alumni tuition fee

Placement for International Technological University

At the institution, students need to have internships before they advance for their postgraduate studies. The reason for this is to ensure students are both technically and academically sound in their field. They have a career cultivation program that helps students in diverse ways such as mock interviews, offering mentorship, developing soft skills, resume writing, etc.

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The international technological university is one of the best and renowned institutions in the U.S. because students are exposed to different areas of their fields. For those still struggling financially, they can take advantage of the scholarship program to pursue their academic aspirations.

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