How to obtain Ireland Citizenship by Investment

Ireland is a very attractive country and a great place to grow you financially. Obtaining Ireland citizenship by investment or Ireland investor visa isn’t a bad idea. However, there is so much benefit you get as an Irish citizen through investment or any other means.

Benefits of obtaining Ireland Citizenship

As said earlier, there is so much benefit you get as an Irish citizen and this includes;

  1. Becoming an Irish citizen automatically qualifies you as an EU-citizen. This means you get freedom to travel around other EU member states, do business with them and even sponsor your family or spouse.
  2. You get to enjoy certain rights under the Irish constitution to all citizens. Also applicable by European Union to all their citizens.
  3. You can work, study and even reside in Ireland or any EU nationals without the need of visa.
  4. You get to enjoy dual citizenship in Ireland; this means you won’t need to renounce your previous citizenship.
  5. This also makes you eligible to vote or even campaign for political leadership in Ireland.
  6. You get to own an Irish bank account and also expand your business in every part of the world.
  7. You get to benefit from their healthcare system with other medical benefits as other Irish naturalized.
  8. You also get education benefits.
  9. You also benefit from their low-tax rate compare to that of non-citizens.
  10. You also get a visa-free travel to the United States and 171 other countries.

Now you know the benefits of Ireland citizenship, let me quickly guide you through the paths of Ireland citizenship by investment.

Paths to Ireland Citizenship by Investment

There are different paths to acquire the Ireland investor visa. I’ll quickly guide you through along with application procedure. After you must have gone through details, it’s left for you to choose the Ireland investor visa program that best suites you.

  1. Immigrants Investor Bonds

You can obtain the Ireland citizenship by investment through purchasing or participating in the immigrant investor bonds program by the Irish government. These bonds are more like debt obligations which is issued by the federal republic of Ireland and acts through national treasury management.

You’re to make minimum investment of €2,000,000 to qualify for this. However, you’ll be paid 1% annual returns with 5 years of maturity on investment. It’s a low return investment but very secured as low interest on investment are most likely riskless.

  1. Endowment

So many foreign nationals see this path as the easiest way to obtain Ireland investor visa and then achieving Ireland citizenship by investment. In this path, applicants are expected to deposit minimum of €500,000 in a project of public benefits like sports, art, health, cultural and technology. However, this is seen as an act of charity because there is no return on deposit or even principle as it’s just a donation. After this is made, you can easily get through to attaining Ireland citizenship.

  1. Investment in Irish enterprise

An investment in an Irish enterprise (single enterprise or cocktail enterprise) is another path to obtain Ireland citizenship through investment. However, it’s expected you make a minimum investment of €1,000,000 on the enterprise and this must contribute to employment creation and also funding start-ups and businesses. To acquire the Ireland investor visa, the investment must be made for a minimum of 3years and the applicants (your) name must be included.

  1. Property Investment

This is another path to obtain Ireland citizenship through investment. In this case, applicant must own a property with minimum worth of €1,000,000 and the owned property shouldn’t be for generating rental incomes but where you live in. After this, you’ll be enlisted or consideration. Also, property investment that is made directly or indirectly to enterprise development or socio-economic development also qualifies you under the immigrant investor bond program.

Other Informative Content;

Requirements to obtain Ireland Citizenship by Investment

  1. Make sure you meet the criteria on any of the above paths mentioned above.
  2. Provide evidence of net worth and other documentations of the above.
  3. Provide an explanation of your economic activity during the last 12 months period
  4. Also provide evidence of money transfer if applicable
  5. You must have a clean criminal record
  6. You must be in good health and also have a health insurance if applicable

Document Requirements

  1. Original photocopy of passport
  2. Passport styled photograph
  3. Original photocopy of birth certificate if applicable
  4. Original marriage certificate if applicable
  5. Disclose a proof of your net worth
  6. Evidence on source of funds
  7. Payment receipt

The above processes are pretty straightforward. However, you can apply on the official Ireland immigration platform. If obtaining the Ireland investor visa is pretty expensive for you, then I advise you follow other cheaper ways to gain Ireland permanent residency and then citizenship. If you’ve any related question, feel free to let me know via comment section.

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