Ireland Immigration: Everything You Need to Know

Have you been having a second thought of considering Ireland immigration as your favorite place to go, but you are confused about getting the right path to take you there. Two options are being attached either being a temporary or permanent visit. These are two different ways of residency in Ireland. It is essential to have detailed information before traveling to Ireland. It is the knowledge you have on something that will guide you all through the process. Therefore, you will need a valid document to migrate to Ireland.

Ireland migration needs you to register the information on the website as you are applying online. Various reasons are leading to an increase in the number of people migrating to Ireland. Therefore, there should be one particular thing igniting your interest in this country such as quality education, excellent health care, low crime rate, diverse opportunities, etc. Whatever the case may be, you need to be equipped with the right source of knowledge before you embark on Ireland.

Ireland Immigration Work Permit & Visa

The work permit is essential for anyone to have on getting to Ireland because this is a license to permit them as foreign citizens to reside and work in Ireland with no harassment. This work permit if you are lucky enough, your employer can apply for it on your behalf. Every candidate whose country is not a member of the European Union has to get an Irish work permit in Ireland.

For the Irish visa, you have to know the purpose of your migration to Ireland for you to get the right visa. It is the purpose that will determine the type of visa. The visa a student will apply for is different from someone who wants to move his or her career to Ireland. The work permit and visa are two different things; therefore, you need to research on your own not to make any error in your Ireland immigration.

For the Irish work permit, there are over nine in numbers and anyone you choose must go hand in hand with what you want to do. The same thing goes for getting an Irish visa to Ireland. You should be able to follow up on the application of both of them in an organized manner. The best way to do this is by seeking help from the Irish consulate in your country of residence. In every embassy, there is someone who is acting as a representative for their country. The application for the work permit and visa should go like this:

  • Filing an online application
  • Getting the basic required documents
  • The documents checklist by the Irish embassy
  • Submission of either the work permit or visa application
  • Paying the application fee
  • Waiting for your application request

This is the way the application for either visa or permit application is being followed sequentially to get a profitable result. There is no way you will have to jump from the top and start from the middle. Since it has to do with Ireland immigration, the Irish embassy is ready to pay rapt attention concerning any applicant who wants to move to Ireland.

Types of work permit for Ireland Immigration

The following are the various types of work permits, and here they are:

1.    General Employment Permit:

This permit is being given to any profession that doesn’t have the requirement to qualify for the critical skills permit. This work permit can be gotten by applying under a profession in Ireland.

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2.    Spouse or Partner Permit:

This kind of permit is given to spouses or partners belong to a critical skills employment permit holder in Ireland. Therefore, if you have a spouse, you can work on other ineligible jobs.

3.    Intra-Company Transfer Job Permit:

This is permit is issued to someone who is working for an Irish employer and wants to quit his or her job to work for another Irish employer in the same city.

4.    Internship Employment Permit:

This permit is for students who are schooling in another country but making plans to move to Ireland to do their internship.

5.    The contract for Services Employment Permit:

These are for foreign workers who are working for a foreign expatriate but travel to Ireland on behalf of their foreign employer. This is only possible if an Irish employer contacts the foreign worker’s employer.

6.    Sports and Cultural Employment Permit:

This permit is given to foreigners who have in-depth knowledge, experience, or qualification in sports for them to help the growth of sports in Ireland.

7.    Exchange Agreement Employment Opportunity:

These are foreigners who are traveling to Ireland with the sole aim of working based on international exchange agreement that the Irish government is affiliated with.

8.    Critical Skills Employment Permit:

This is available for foreigners with high skills inviting to Ireland to come to fill some of these vacant spaces that require skill in Ireland.

9.    Reactivation Employment Opportunity:

These are for employers who lost their right from working for any Irish employers in Ireland, but the right is being reactivated for them to start working.

Types of Visa for Ireland Immigration

There are numerous Irish visas to suit the purpose of migrating to Ireland. From their names, they are self-explanatory to anyone who sees them. This is the reason you need to consult the Irish embassy for proper guidelines on the subject matter because they are the right person to enlighten you on an Irish visa. The following are the types of Irish visa:

  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Employment visa
  • Marriage visa
  • Training visa
  • Conference visa
  • Tournament visa
  • Medical visa
  • Family or friend visas, etc.

How much do I need for Ireland Immigration?

After getting all the required documents for both your work permit and visa, there are a few which you are required to pay at the Irish embassy, and the price is 500 Euro. The fee allows or enables the application form to be processed. The Ireland Immigration can be done by online application via the Naturalization and Immigration Service website.

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Ireland’s immigration has to do with knowledge for you to be able to move to Ireland. The work permit is necessary for any foreigner who wants to work in Ireland and earn a living. The appropriate visa should be applied to the Irish embassy.

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