LizzyM Score Calculator: Predict your Medical School Admission

Are you concerned about knowing the proper lizzym score to get admission into medical school? The Lizzym score is crucial for medical students hoping to see themselves in one of the top medical schools in the world. Many students are curious to know whether they stand a chance in studying their dream course or not. At this juncture, we will get to know more about the subject matter.

What is the Proper Lizzym Score?

The LizzyM score is given from your computed MCAT and GPA score. As a result, you will get to know your standing based on whether you will be admitted amongst other successful applicants. Present, medical students are using the LizzyM score to know their competitiveness compared to other applicants. Also, it will help you to know the numbers of schools that will offer you admission.

Initially, the LizzyM began as an unknown account in the Student Doctor Network (SDN) as an internet platform where medical students and experienced doctors come to share their knowledge, tricks, tips, and key hacks to help high school graduates gt admission into medical schools. The account offers good advice that will ginger upcoming and talented doctors.

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Is there a Good LizzyM Score?

The truth is your LizzyM score can’t influence your application fate but it can be useful to know where you stand regarding getting admission into medical schools. For instance, your LizzyM score might be low for some med schools, but high for others. It is advisable to have a minimum of 70 in your LizzyM score if you are aiming for schools like Vanderbilt University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, New York University, Johns Hopkins University, etc.

However, we have some schools that are willing to accept students with a LizzyM score below 70. These schools are ready to accept you as long as you have the right criteria to be eligible for their admissions such as California Northstate University, California University, Louis University, and many others. For a LizzyM score between 67 to 69.9, you can get admission into this school such as Indiana University, University of Nebraska, University of Oregon, etc.

If you have a score between 59 to 64.5, then we have schools you can gain admission to study medicine such as Touro University, Loyola University, Marshall University, New York Institute of Technology, Thomas Jefferson University, and Lake Erie University, etc.

Is there any way to Predict your Medical School Admission?

The LizzyM score is crucial when trying to get admission for yourself to any university to study medicine. It is seen as a vital tool to use for medical school screening, but it has some limitations which make it not a reliable factor when choosing universities:

  1. The GPA has nothing to do with course difficulty or science GPA. These are key factors considered in medical schools especially when they are trying to evaluate their candidates. A student who started poorly during their first year might end up graduating with a high GPA score.
  2. The LizzyM score is a demanding take for students with MCAT and GPA scores that are opposite extremes. Let’s get to see two students with unbalanced scores. Student A has an overall GPA score of 2.5 but has a 523 MCAT score with a LizzyM score of 66. Student B has a GPA score of 3.2 but has a 501 MCAT score with a LizzyM score of 66. Some universities may want to screen out Student A because of their GPA, while others may screen out Student B for their MCAT score.

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Pros of LizzyM Score

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy calculation with simple math that can be used by any applicant
  • Screening tool for different universities
  • Offer you a list of schools that can accept your test score
  • Give you a proper orientation on your admission

Cons for LizzyM Score

  • It is limited to only GPA and MCAT scores because you might have a good LizzyM score but you need a proper score in both MCAT and GPA.
  • Doesn’t influence other factors, it implies they don’t consider other factors that might influence your score.
  • GPA is not everything because a high GPA is not an assurance of getting admission into any medical school. In some schools, the admission officers are meticulous when they want to offer admission to applicants.

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Frequently Asked Questions in LizzyM Score

  1. What do you understand by LizzyM?
  2. LizzyM is seen as a medical school admission committee board and long-time student Doctor Network Contributor.
  3. What is LizzyM’s score and how can you calculate it?
  4. The LizzyM score acts as a reference value for LizzyM to offer a fast snapshot of the quality of medical school applicants by computing

LizzyM Score = GPA*10 + Pre-2015 MCAT

The MCAT score is formatted using the MCAT table inside the LizzyM calculator. You can use the LizzyM Application Assistant to know your chances of getting admission to a medical school on either MCAT score, GPA, or AAMC.

  1. How can I use the LizzyM Score?
  2. The LizzyM score is a useful guide to know the applicants with similar academic credentials that got admission to the medical university. On the other hand, some medical schools have to review different applications to know the right applicants to accept and the ones to reject based on MCAT and GPA scores.

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