How to get Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta citizenship by investment offers rewarding net worth for international investors and their families in a reputable country that’s part of the European Union. In the year 2004, Malta became part of the European Union. The country has been making diverse progress in various sectors such as finance, politics, banking, etc. This investment program has been legalized by the European Union, and this shows how genuine the program is for anyone who meets the basic requirements to apply for this program.

Malta is an island country that is located in the Southern part of Europe. The country shares borders with other countries such as Tunisia in the East, Libya in the North, and Italy in the South. It is being recognized as the tenth smallest country in the world with a total population of approximately 475,000 people. The official language in this country is English, and also an ethnic language is known as Maltese. This Malta investment program has granted lots of individuals Malta citizenship

The government of this country carries out its search on any candidate who is applying for this type of citizenship to know either they are deemed fit or not. When once the candidate is successful they get to obtain Malta citizenship. This permits them to establish any kind of business in Malta as far as it is legal.

Benefits of Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta has one of the stable and strongest economies in the European Union. This investment program was implemented by the Government of Malta in 2014. This citizenship by investment has various benefits it can offer to individuals who are applying for it, and here they are:

  • Free visa travel to more than 184 countries including European Union countries and Canada.
  • Freedom to permanent residence
  • Freedom to work freely without harassment
  • High standard of quality living
  • Possession of dual citizenship
  • No payment of tax
  • Right to move freely
  • Stable and secured economy
  • Fast processing time of citizenship

Requirements of Malta Citizenship by Investment

In citizenship by investment program, Malta has her financial limit that is expected for individuals to have before applying to obtain Maltese citizenship. The following are the investment limit:

1.    Fitness Test:

It is mandatory for anyone who wants to obtain Malta citizenship by investment to go through a physical fitness test. This involves checking the mental state of the applicant and also going to his or her country of residence to ensure the applicant has no criminal record.

2.    Sound Health:

This is also important if an investor wants to be eligible for this investment program. The government might decide to use its health care facilities to run a medical check-up on the investor to ensure they are free from any form of communicable diseases and infections.

3.    Biometric data:

The government needs to get a passport photograph, birth certificate, residence permit, tax payment receipt, marriage certificate, 4 passports of a family member, fingerprints of all the entire family, and other important documents. This helps to have detailed information about the investor and his or her family.

Financial Limit of Malta Citizenship by Investment

Three financial payments must be made in this investment program:

  • €650,000 to Malta on National development and the social fund.
  • €350,000 investment in real estate
  • €150,000 investment in bonds approved by the Maltese government

This makes it a total amount of approximately €1,100,000 for the applicant to pay before granting him or her approval for Malta citizenship by investment.

Processing Fee for Malta Citizenship by Investment

Some fees should be paid for the processing of this investment program, and here they are:

  • The main investor – €7,500
  • For a spouse and other family members – €5,000
  • For children within 3 to 18 years – €3,000
  • For passport per person – €500
  • Bank charges for each application – €200

Other Interesting Contents

How long does it take to get Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta is one of the European countries with a lesser time frame to obtain her citizenship. In some countries, the applicant must stay for more than three years before obtaining citizenship by investment. In Malta, the applicant after meeting up with the requirements must stay for a consecutive 12 months (1 year). This time frame is enough for an individual to become a legalized Maltese citizen by investment program.

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