2022/2023 List of Top Medical Schools in California to Consider

If your ambition is to get admission to one of the medical schools in California, then this article is the perfect one for you. In California, there are diverse medical schools in different locations. Also, their weather is one of the key attractions to international students wanting to study in this part of the United States. It is challenging studying here due to factors like a large state population, a high number of applicants, competitive stats, etc.

Medical Schools in California

  1. California Northstate University College of Medicine:

In 2015, the California Northstar University College of Medicine came into the limelight. It is the first profit medical school offering a Doctor of Medicine program for students. Its prominent goal is addressing the scarcity of medical doctors in the Northern part of California. They have a traditional approach for students studying medicine.

You will have two years of studying in the classroom with other students before going for a two-year medical internship in either hospital or healthcare service provider. The school has an affiliation with other medical organizations such as Kaiser Permanente of Northern California and Dignity Health System. Also, they have partnerships with hospitals like Methodist Hospital of Sacramento, Mercy San Juan Medical Center, Heritage Oaks Hospital, etc.

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  1. California University of Science and Medicine:

The university is the youngest medical school in California. In 1018, they admitted their first set of medical students which was 64, and they have the intention of expanding their student population to a total number of 480 students. The location of California University of Science and Medicine is in San Bernardino.

In time past, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education offered the school preliminary accreditations. In 2020, the school finished its construction leading to them admitting more students from various parts of the globe. They partner with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center that deals with research and clinical experiences.

  1. Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science:

In 1966, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science was created to offer different services to underserved communities in the Southern part of Los Angeles and others. In 2009 they encountered a difficult challenge and it was on probation for not letting the accrediting standards. In 2011, these issues were resolved.

It is one of the medical schools in California for both indigenes and international students to obtain their medical degrees. They have affiliations with other institutions such as Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, Kedren Community Health Center, etc. In the last five decades, they have graduated 585 physicians.

  1. University of Southern California:

In 1885, the University of Southern California was established on a 79-acre campus. It is seven miles northeast of the main campus. The school has a population of 1,200 students, 1,500 full-time faculty, and 900 residents. Also, it has over 5,000 graduates from the medical school practicing medicine in the Southern part of California.

In their sponsored research, the medical university offers $230 million. The university comprises 24 research-focused science and other clinical departments and 7 research institutes like the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute, Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute, etc.

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  1. Loma Linda University:

In 1909, the Loma Linda University was initially called the College of Medical Evangelists. Presently, the medical institution is still maintaining its Christian Identity. It is one of the medical schools in California combining Christian service and Medical service to train their students in becoming medical professionals.

The school operates on a curriculum whereby students will get a two-year classroom education before going for their two years clinical internships. In the school, students have the privilege of enrolling in two courses simultaneously such as Students for International Mission Service and Social Action Community Health System. These two programs are specifically for bringing medical aid to underserved and low-income populations.

  1. Stanford University:

Standford University is ranking well when it involves medical schools in California combining offering the best education to students. Recently, the school was ranked 3rd regarding medical research compared to any school in California.

Some courses rank high such as radiology, surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, and anesthesiology. The school has lots of faculty members, and seven of its students have emerged as Nobel Prize Winners.

  1. University of California Davis:

The University of California Davis has marked their 50th anniversary. In terms of national ranking, the university is performing well. Also, there are times they have been among the top ten for primary care training. The elementary teaching for the medical school is located adjacent to their classrooms. As a result, it is easier for students to have both their classroom learning and clinical experience.

You can gain hands-on experience at their community health clinic. Also, there is room for you as a medical doctor to enhance your medical education by participating in any of its dual programs such as M.D./M.P.H. or M.D./Ph.D. After these programs, you can obtain certificates in courses like clinical research, stem cells, clinical laboratory science, etc.

  1. University of California Irvine:

The University of California Irvine came out in the 19th century. Presently, it is among the top 50 medical Universities in the United States. Every year, it admits over 400 medical students and 700 residents. The school has 26 specialized departments for students to choose any of their choice of courses.

There are local healthcare centers like Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and VA Long Beach Healthcare System. The UC Irvine Medical Center has the principal facility of the school alongside other dual degree courses like M.D with a Master’s in Genetic Counseling or Masters in Public Health.

  1. University of California Los Angeles:

In California, the medical university is one of the best you can bank on to get a quality medical education. It has a 4 to 1 faculty to student ratio which makes it possible for medical lecturers to have plenty of time to mentor students in becoming well versed in their medical profession.

If you are interested in medical research, you can combine two degrees M.D./Ph.D. The major thing is combining a medical degree with another course that ignites your area of interest. The school has a strong partnership with the reputable Anderson School of Management.

  1. University of California Riverside:

It is another young medical school in California that admitted its first set of students in 2013. On the West side of the University of California Riverside, they have their School of Medicine. In terms of medical facilities, there are a medical simulation laboratory, 10 patient examination rooms, and they share them with other departments like Engineering, Chemistry, and Life Sciences.

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Medical schools in California are ready to offer students quality education but you must be eligible for its admission. If you are confused about the things to do, it is advisable to check through the school website to see what is demanded from you.

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