5 Best Medical Schools in France to Consider for 2022

There are several Medical Schools in France; as a student considering studying Medicine in France. Due to this, there are various options to choose from. You must have extensive knowledge about the medical school you have in mind. Your budget is one of the essential things to consider when deciding.

The medical schools in France have separate tuition fees, so you might have to examine your budget before considering admission into any of these schools. The cost of living in France, tuition fees, and duration of studying medicine in France should all be considered.

General Application for Studying Medicine in France

French is the primary means of communicating and lecturing in class. It is essential to gain mastery of the French language as an international student. It is of great benefit to communicate in both English and French Languages. The Application procedure varies depending on your program of study:

  1. Undergraduate Program of study:

Applicants of Undergraduate programs make their applications through Parcoursp Portal; as a non-national of France, you need to familiarise yourself with these processes. There are usually similarities in registration dates and deadlines, which open in December and ends in January/March. Admission and acceptance are given out around May, while the academic session kick-starts around September or the beginning of October.

  1. Graduate Program of Study:

Applicants for Master’s and Doctorate applications have deadline dates suitable for each university. It implies that it differs from one university to another. It would help if you were updated on your favored school’s happenings by getting detailed information from the school’s portal.

  1. Student Visa:

It is pivotal to apply for a student visa as soon as you get accepted into your desired university. Students must give complete information about the following:

  • Details of the study program
  • Duration of course of study
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of return ticket

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Reasons to Study Medicine in France

These are the following reasons to study in any of the medical schools in France, and here they are:

  • High Standard and Affordable Education
  • Abundance of Scholarship
  • Avenue to Learn French


  • High Standard and Affordable Education

The education in France is affordable, and they are high in standard. You don’t have to break your entire saving before getting the same education you will obtain in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

  • The abundance of Scholarship:

It is one of the benefits of enrolling in any of the medical schools in France. The scholarship comes in two different types, either from the school or the French government. For instance, Indian students have over 500 scholarships waiting for them.

  • Avenue to Learn French:

In France, the official language is French. In the world, over 30 countries speak French as their official language. You as an international student can mingle with other of your colleagues and interact with the French language.

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Medical Schools in France

  1. Aix-Marseille University (Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences):

The university is situated in Provence; Aix-Marseille University is an esteemed public medical school in France. The university goes as far back as 1409 when Louis II of Anjou made it to the Provence University. The Institution Aix-Marseille University is a combination of the University of Provence, Mediterranean, and the Paul Cezanne University, making it the Largest school in France with over 80,000 applicants every year.

  1. Sorbonne Universite (Faculty of Medicine):

Sorbonne is a top-ranked Medical school in France, and it was formed in 1957 as the college de Sorbonne. This formation resulted from an amalgamation in 2018 between the Paris Sorbonne Universite, Pierre at Marie Cutie University, and other schools.

Faculty of Medicine is among the three popular departments that have produced outstanding scholars and renowned physicians. The Institution is also recognized for Clinical Medical research and popular Journals. All these and many more make Sorbonne Universite a perfect place to study Medicine.

  1. Universite de Lyon-Claude Bernard (University Lyon 1 Faculty of Medicine):

The Institution has 12 members and 25 related institutions altogether. The school’s campus spreads across the region of Lyon and Saint Etienne. Students who pass the third set revolve in the Hospices Civils de Lyon or Universite hospital of Lyon, formed in 1802. There’s an available Medical system with 13 centers in Lyon and 1 in Southern France.

  1. Universite de Paris (Paris Diderot University, Faculty of Medicine):

Universite de Paris is a public institution. The outcome of the merger in 2019 between Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot Universities. The Institution’s most prominent department is the Faculty of Medicine. A student who wants to become a physician has to finish three Paris Diderot studies to acquire a medical diploma. This school has many teaching hospitals without exempting the Laribosere built in the 19th century as a reaction against the second outbreak of cholera.

  1. Universite Paris-Sud (University of Paris- Saclay MMOP Health Studies):

The Institution Paris-Sud is a research university with five campuses in Southern Paris formed in 1971 and it was renamed Paris-Saclay in 2020. This Institution is famous for numerous science programs and medicine with MMOP (Medicine, Midwifery, Odontology, Pharmacy). The three sets are General training diploma in Medical Sciences.

The second is a diploma of in-depth training in Medical science. At the same time, the third gives students the ability to choose their area of expertise in the Medical line. All these can be done following the successful completion of each stage of training. Finally, the internship thesis defense gives the student the ability to obtain a diploma of specialized studies and the Doctor of Medicine diploma.

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It is not easy to study Medicine in France, but it isn’t impossible either. There are various medical schools in France. Whichever one you choose, be sure to check the website of the school to become updated on the latest news about the Medical School. Your financial capacity will also determine how far you will go in this field. There are also other ways of cutting down costs to getting a more affordable means of studying medicine in France.

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