2022/2023 List of Top Medical Schools in Kentucky

Medical schools in Kentucky are not much compared to other schools in the United States; still, there is a wide range of courses for students to select from. For instance, if you are interested in courses like rural medicine, research, osteopathic medicine, and many others. For this content, we will be looking at three medical schools in Kentucky.

Before you can gain admission into studying medicine in any medical school in Kentucky, it is better to know the criteria that could make you eligible for their admission. At this point, many students make the mistake of being overwhelmed or being carried away without knowing whether they fit into the school’s criteria.

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Top Medical Schools in Kentucky 

Here they are:

  1. University of Kentucky College of Medicine (UKCOM):

It was founded in 1956 and listed among the best medical schools in the United States. Based on the university ranking, it is placed at 72nd in terms of medical research and 74th in primary care. They have an educational curriculum divided into two – the foundational coursework and the clinical training. During the first and second years, students are well drilled to have clinical experiences.

They have two dual degree programs for medical students to combine to their degree. For instance, students can be studying medicine and any other course. In the end, there are internship programs for students to get practical experience to solve real-life situations. The main campus is in Lexington, with other regional campuses like the Bowling Green.

The regional campus was built by the medical school and Western Kentucky University. In 2018, the first set of students was enrolled into the University. Also, the medical university has another campus in Northern Kentucky and was built by the collaboration of St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Kentucky University. Surprisingly, the school has developed the Rural Physician Leadership Program constructed to cater to the lack of doctors in Kentucky.

Before you can gain admission to the school, you must be outstanding academically. For instance, in 2018, 2,695 students applied for admission, but only 166 students were admitted. It would help if you had an average CGPA of 3.72 and an MCAT of 510 for admission. It is one of the medical schools in Kentucky with different funding aids for students. Out of the total number of students in the school,69% obtained some forms of scholarship, while the rest 38% are on scholarship.

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  1. University of Louisville School of Medicine:

Students with a strong passion for pioneer and medical research discoveries can enroll in this medical school because it has the proper facilities for students to be the best in these fields. In 2019, the school wasn’t ranked, but they carved out a niche for themselves when it involved educational experience and medical discoveries.

In 1837, the school came into existence and happened to be the 9th oldest medical university in the United States. Although it was being founded many years ago, still, they are well recognized for their clinical works. Graduates of the school have involved lots of astonishing discoveries – the first heart transplant in the globe, the development of autotransfusion, and the building of the first emergency room occurred here.

Furthermore, it has numerous research centers for multiple clinical studies and many programs available for students. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs provide students with the choice of selecting any course such as anatomical sciences, biochemistry, pharmacology, anatomical science, immunology, etc.

If you are passionate about other courses than medicine, you can study medicine with the course. It implies you will be graduating with two degrees in your bag. The admission process to this school is highly competitive like other medical schools in Kentucky. For instance, out of 160 students searching for admission, 120 students will be granted admission. International or transfer students can gain access to the school.

  1. University of Pikeville – Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (UP-KYCOM):

It is the only private medical school amongst the three medical schools in Kentucky. The University of Pikeville is amongst the best five affordable osteopathic medical schools in the United States. Besides the regular medical degree programs, the university has a renowned program “Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program.

If you don’t have an undergraduate degree relating to a D.O degree for good eight years, the school has created a program, “Professional Education Preparation Program,” for secondary school students to have a fundamental idea on the medical field with other relevant experiences. It has the same study process as other medical schools in Kentucky – the first phase is the foundational coursework in courses like anatomy and science, while the clinical phase is for the experience.

The first-year students will practice with lots of human models, which they are being supervised by physicians, while clinical studies are done in other campuses within and outside the state. But quite long, the school launched a Coal Building with high technological facilities. Also, there are gross anatomy laboratories, simulators, cafeteria, lecture halls, etc.

The admission process is through the AMCAS platform compared to it is done in many medical schools. As a prospective, it is better to take the MCAT, possess a bachelor’s degree, recommendation letters, pre-medical coursework, etc. You need to have enough funds to enter the school because their tuition fee is $34,000 to $38,000. If it is financial aid, there are lots to help students fund their education. Also, they offer scholarship grants and things like iPad, textbooks, and laptops.

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Medical schools in Kentucky are only three for students to choose the one that suits their needs. Also, some courses might be in one, but won’t be found in the other school. It is left to choose anyone to study. The dream of studying another course alongside medicine is made possible in these medical schools in Kentucky. If you have ever had this intention of a dual degree, this is still the perfect time to make it happen.

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