Top 5 Universities Offering MS in Finance in USA for 2021/2022

There are many top universities to study MS in finance in USA. Most of the business or finance schools in the world are located in USA, and their degrees are well recognized globally. A graduate from any of the financial institutions in this country has ample opportunities of connecting with business professionals, vast experiences, excellent internships, and many others.

Having a degree like MS in finance in USA equip students with a solid foundation when it comes to financing. There are certain things students would benefit from degree such as knowledge in financial management, personal finance planning, corporate financing, etc. If you are considering having an MS in finance in USA, then you need an idea about studying in USA.

Studying in USA

Higher education in a country like the United States of America plays a vital role in the lives of students, but the tuition fee is expensive. For those who can’t afford their tuition fee, there are different financial assistance, such as scholarships, loans, grants, etc. to help students afford their fees.

However, students are exposed to rich culture in the U.S, and also gain more social experience compared to other countries in the globe. Most of their students are mentally strong after their graduation because they have been prepared during their stay in college. As a result of this, they have two options either residing in the US or migrate to their country of residence. Let’s see some key things about studying MS in Finance in USA:

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  1. Academic Year:

In the US, their academic year begins during the fall season and that is late August, and in some cases might begin sooner. There are various divisions for their academic – some might be two semesters, some into three quarters, and others four quarters. It is left for the international students to make their choices on the academic session they want

  1. Tuition Fees and Duration of Study:

Each of the Universities in the U.S has a tuition fee. Students should check the university to know the exact fee they will pay. Another thing influencing tuition fees is the course duration. For instance, if a course is four years, the tuition fee will be higher compared to others offering a 3-year program.

  1. More Studies Opportunities for International Students:

There are lots of courses for international students to select different courses and careers. These careers help to enhance the learning curve of students and also provide opportunities for them. Also, international students can work in any research field to gain more skills and knowledge.

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Top Universities Offering MS in Finance in USA

These are the various institutions to study MS in Finance in USA:

  1. University of Florida:

It is a public university in Gainesville offering MS in Finance in USA. There are options for students to study one degree or combine two degrees. The master’s degree comprises 32 credits and various areas of specialization in entrepreneurial finance, business financial management, capital markets, etc.

An undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.5 during his or her second year can apply for MS in Finance. For law students, they can only be allowed to apply when they are in law school, and it could be up to 23 JD credits, and they must submit a statement of purpose and standardized test scores too.

  1. The University of Texas:

The institution is in Austin, UT, and is another school to study MS in Finance in USA. It offers students qualitative and modeling skills after their graduation. The institution has a 36 credit curriculum with two different courses – valuation and finance management. Also, other courses like intermediate accounting, security analysis, financial statement, etc.

The University of Texas allows students to learn something relating to real-life situations such as computational finance, energy investment, and price equity. To become a student for the institution, it is necessary to possess GRE or GMAT scores. Having this score is an important part of the application.

  1. John Hopkins University:

John Hopkins University is in Baltimore, Maryland, and one of the schools to study MS in Finance in USA. Students are having an interest in financial econometrics, and they can study in this school. Some of the training in this school are macroeconomic, advanced corporate finance, blockchain technology, etc.

Students offering full-time courses can write an official econometrics examination. Students need to present GRE or GMAT scores before the application process and also an undergraduate degree from their previous school. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredited the university.

  1. Vanderbilt University:

It is a private institution in Nashville, Tennessee offering MS in Finance in USA. In the University, students offer two courses following the seven-week module, and within 10 months students can finish up their program. There are important courses such as corporate valuation, financial modeling, professional development, etc. Besides, students have the avenue to select electives courses from any discipline like business or accounting.

These topics could be accounting mergers, investment management, and acquisitions. After these courses, there are options for students to apply for a law school during their second year to bag a dual Juris Doctorate Degree. Applicants must have work experience, GMAT scores, and a GPA score of 3.65.

  1. University of Madison-Madison:

It offers MS in Finance in USA for students wanting to obtain advanced knowledge on economics. There are opportunities for students to gain mentorship on both finance and economics faculty. It has a 30-credit program that cuts across 3 to 4 semesters. The core courses are derivative securities, investment theory, financial microeconomics, etc.

As a result, students have to choose six elective courses. Here, submission of GRE scores might not be compulsory, but students must fill the Math preparation form to show they can handle large high-level mathematics. Also, there is no need for any work experience.

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There are excellent opportunities to study finance in the USA. Employers are in search of qualified candidates to employ in their firms. When considering enrolling in any of the universities for this degree, you must strive hard to meet the requirements.

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