How to get New Zealand Citizenship by Investment

The sole purpose of this article is to educate readers on how they can acquire New Zealand citizenship by investment. The content is detailed with eligible criteria and other requirements needed to get this citizenship.

New Zealand citizenship by investment is one of the overlooked options to become a citizen. However, many individuals fail to understand that New Zealand is one of the best destinations for investors. It’s the number one destination or doing business with the World Bank and according to Forbes, it’s held second position in the list of countries for doing business.

Benefits of Settling in New Zealand

There are lot of benefits or those of you that are looking forward to acquire New Zealand citizenship, in other words, you’ve decided to settle in New Zealand. Some benefits of settling in New Zealand includes;

  1. You get to explore more and more exciting cities as New Zealand is a huge country with lot of places to explore.
  2. You can get cheaper rents in New Zealand compared to most part of the world.
  3. New Zealand is a country that provides you with different business opportunity and also great home for entrepreneurship. So, as an investor, you get to expand your business easily in New Zealand while settling.
  4. Unlike most countries, in New Zealand you get a better work/life balance.
  5. New Zealand provides you with the best banking services with high level of transparency.
  6. The cost of living in New Zealand is relatively low
  7. Living in New Zealand also gives you access to universal healthcare.

How to acquire New Zealand Citizenship through Investment

There are different types of acceptable investment route to becoming a citizen of New Zealand by investment. Before I explain the different types of acceptable investment, let me briefly highlight what makes your investment acceptable.

What makes your Investment Acceptable?

  1. Your investment must be able to make commercial returns
  2. You must’ve invested in New Zealand and in New Zealand dollars
  3. You must’ve invested in managed funds or legal enterprise
  4. Your investment must contribute to New Zealand economy and not just for personal purpose like purchase of luxuries

In addition, your investment must be in bond, equities, property or other investments. Bonds in the sense that the investment

  • Is issued by New Zealand government or legal authorities
  • Is issued by the New Zealand firms traded on NZDX (New Zealand debt security market)
  • Issued by firms with at least a BBB or equivalent rating
  • Issued by registered banks in New Zealand
  • Issued by finance companies

Furthermore, the different types of acceptable investment route include;

  • New Zealand companies owned by overseas companies
  • Residential property development in New Zealand
  • Commercial property development in New Zealand
  • Philanthropic investment
  • Growth investments

Generally, we have two types of investors’ visa in New Zealand which includes,

  1. Investor 1 resident visa: This type of investor resident visa can be acquired only if applicant must have invested minimum of NZD $2.5 million in growth investment. However, it’s required that applicant must spend at least 88days in New Zealand over the 3years of investment.
  2. Investor 2 resident visa: Applicants can apply for the investor 2 resident visas if only they’ve invested a minimum of NZD $750,000 in growth investments. However, applicant is required to have spent at least 438 days in New Zealand over the 4years investment period.

To apply for any of the above investor visa, it’s required that you must be under the age of 65 years. Other personal assessment may include good character, proof of funds, evidence of acceptable English test result, evidence of good health and some few other assessments.

Other useful topics

It’s also required that after you’ve received an approval for application of investor visa, you’re given a 12months period to transfer funds to New Zealand and invest in acceptable investments.

Document Requirements

  1. You’re required to provide the original copy of passport
  2. You’re to provide 2copies of passport styled photograph
  3. You’re to provide your medical certificate
  4. Birth certificate may be required
  5. Marriage certificate may be applicable
  6. Your bank statement is required
  7. Proof of assets is also requested
  8. You must also provide an evidence of business background
  9. Also provide statement of source of funds

NB: New Zealand accept dual citizenship, so you’re not required to renounce your previous citizenship.

Once you’ve the above documents ready, you can simply apply through the official immigration site for New Zealand. If New Zealand citizenship by investment seems expensive for you, then I advise you use other cheaper means to gain New Zealand citizenship. I already published on my previous guide on how to get permanent residency in New Zealand and through the paths of permanent residency, you can achieve the goal of becoming a New Zealand citizen after certain period of time.

If you’ve any question related to New Zealand citizenship by investment or any other question relating to New Zealand immigration, please do let me know via comment section, and I won’t hesitate to put you through.

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