A Quick Guide to Obtain Norway Student Visa

Have you considered applying for a Norway student visa to obtain an undergraduate or postgraduate degree? Getting this visa grants a student residence permit to study and live in Norway throughout his or her duration of study. There are no shortcuts that can be done in order to get another kind of visa that will permit student access to Norway if it is not Norway’s student visa. Although there are some countries whose citizens don’t need to apply for this visa such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

There is one thing to know that this visa varies from a European country to the other. This implies that a student’s country can influence his or her application for a Norway student visa. There are three different kinds of students such as students from other Scandinavian countries, students from another European Union, and students from outside Europe union. All these are categories which determine the application of this visa for a student to study in Norway. The essence of this article is to educate students who want this kind of visa.

What is Norway Student Visa?   

This is a visa given or issued to students who have the interest to study in Norway for any courses of their choice. It is important for a student to know the course duration of his or her study to get the appropriate resident permit. It should be noted this permit can’t be used to obtain a job in Norway since it’s primarily for study. It can also be renewed, should the permit expires.

Eligible Documents Needed for Norway Student Visa

The following documents are essential for anyone who has the intention of studying in any institutions in Norway:

1.    The Application Form:

This is the first step to get a Norway student visa, and it can be downloaded online. Applicants or candidates should ensure all information on the form is sincere because any false details will hinder a student from obtaining this student visa.

2.    Passport Photographs:

Two recent passports with a white background will be needed too. They should go for the standard size of a normal passport in order for the application to be considered at the Norway embassy. It is essential for one to have them with him or her.

3.    International Passport:

There is no way this will not be required during any kind of student visa application. This international passport should be able to stay up to three months before is expiration. The good thing is it can be renewed to get a new one when it expires.

4.    Admission Letter:

This letter should be available to tender it to the Norwegian embassy in order to show the authenticity of admission from the school. All foreign institution offers this provisional letter to their admitted students as evidence of being one of their scholars.

5.    Medical Insurance:

This insurance is also part of the documents that must be issued to any candidate who is in urgent need of a Norway student visa. This insurance covers all the medical bills of the student all through his or her study in Norway.

6.    Birth Certificate:

There are situations when a student tends to forge his or her date of birth. The demand for the birth certificate is to cross-check student’s Nationality, and other things pertaining to key information regarding student visa application.

7.    Evidence of State Residency:

This can come in the form of documents in order to show where one will reside as soon as he or she gets to Norway. These residents could be a room, house, hotel, or flat. If a student who is going to rent an apartment should have the rental contract available.

8.    Adequate Funds:

The Norwegian embassy will like to see this too for them to be certain a student can take care of himself or herself while studying his or her course. The purpose of this is to avoid someone who would become a liability to their government.

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Procedures on the Application of Norway Student Visa

These are the following recommended steps for a student to follow:

  • Online registration for the visa.
  • Submission of the application form.
  • Tracking of the application form.

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Processing Time and Fee for Norway Student Visa

The application duration for this visa could be up to 30 days or an equivalent of one month for anyone who is applying for it. A student can be lucky to get his or her student visa processed within two weeks, and the required fee is NOK 5,300 (US$650).

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