How to get Permanent Residence in UK and Immigration Visa

The purpose of this content is to guide users on how to get permanent residence in UK, various types of UK visas, work in UK visa, study in UK visa and other UK immigration visa programs available for international citizens.

United Kingdom (UK) is a well-known country for accepting immigrants with hundreds of thousand people migrating to UK yearly with the intention of staying for more than 12months. However, most of these immigrants end up being a permanent residence in UK.

There are various UK immigration visas, or should I say, there are various types of UK visas. As known, before you can migrate to UK, you’ll need a visa as it serves as an authorizing document which gives you the right to enter, stay temporary or live permanently in UK.

The UK visa is a must-have for other foreign citizens entering UK but the Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and Commonwealth countries are not required to apply a UK visa prior to entering the UK. However, there may be changes in the future because the UK already voted to leave EU, but till then, no changes yet.

Types of UK Visa

There are various types of UK Visa and this includes;

  1. Work visa
  2. Study visa
  3. Visitor’s visa
  4. Business visa
  5. Family visa
  6. Settlement visa
  7. Transit visa.

Each of these visas has its functions. Every foreign citizen that wants to apply for any of the above visa has one reason or another. Some foreigner citizens want to work and do business in UK, study in UK, go to UK for tourism, join family in UK, become UK permanent residence and many more. Your reason to migrate to UK determines the type o Visa you should opt-in for.

  1. Work and Business Visas

The UK immigration system is point-based for work visas. This system is divided into five tiers which includes;

  • Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa: This tier of visa is majorly for highly qualified foreigners. However, there are 1000 visas allocated to foreigners on this tier and such visa is valid for up to 5years which can also be extended for another 5years.
  • Tier 2 (General) visa: This type of visa can be obtained from foreign individuals that have been offered a skilled job with at least £25,000 salary annually. This type of visa is usually valid for 6 years
  • Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) visa: There are some overseas employer who may transfer their employee to UK branch, on condition of sponsorship. In this case, this type of UK work visa the foreign individual should obtain. It can last from 9months to even 9years depending on the position of employment.
  • Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) visas: This type of UK work visa is for foreigners offered job in religious community on condition of sponsorship. Usually, this visa last up to 3years and can be extended.
  • Tier 2 (Sportsperson) visa: This UK work visa type is being obtained by sports personnel endorsed by their national bodies to coach a team or related offer. This UK work visa or permit last up to 3years and can be extended.
  • Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) visa: There are temporary works related to charity volunteer works, religious work, sports person or creative works. As long as these works are being engaged on authorized government exchanges or international agreements, then the sponsorship is secured and foreigners can go through this visa program. However, the visa can last up to 2years.
  • Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa: This visa type is meant for citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan, or British Overseas Citizens or a British national of ages 18 to 30 and have at least £1,890 in savings, who want to work and live temporarily in the UK. This visa is valid for up to 2years.

Other UK work visa may include domestic workers in private household visa and permitted paid engagement visa.

  1. Study visa or permit

This type of visa is being issued to international citizens outside of UK who wishes to study in UK. However, the UK study visa is divided into three categories. This includes;

  • Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa: This category of student visa is obtained for foreign kids between the ages 4 to 17 coming to school in UK.
  • Tier 4 (General) Student Visa: Every international citizen except EEA citizens can apply for this visa and must be at least 16 years and want to enrol to study in UK.
  • Short Term Study Visa: This type of visa can be obtained for foreigners who wish to learn short term programs like learning English language or any other short term vocational program. This type of visa is usually valid for up to 11months depending on the program.

That’s all for the UK study visa

  1. Tourist or Visitors visa

UK is also a very common destination for tourism. International citizens who wish to visit UK for tourism; events, short term study, tour, holidays or any other related short term purpose can easily apply or should obtain the UK visitor’s visa.

  1. Family Visa

This type of visa is obtained by international citizens who wish to immigrate to UK because they have family members like parents or spouse who lives and work there. They can join them over there for more than 6months as their dependants.

Other visa includes the transit visa and refugee visa.

Permanent Residence UK

So many foreign citizens are looking forward to become a permanent residence UK. However, to become a permanent residence UK, you need to apply for the permanent residence card. This is made possible if you’ve lived in UK for up to 5years.

There are certain criteria being looked upon to become permanent residence in UK. That is, you must’ve lived with your EEA family member in the UK for up to 5years and also they must’ve a permanent right of residence.

You can apply or the permanent residence UK card online. If you wish to apply for any of the above UK visa, you can visit their official website to apply.

If you’ve any question relating to permanent residence UK, immigration visa programs in UK, how you can assess yourself, eligibility, processing time for UK immigration visa and other related topics, please do let me know via comment section.

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