Full List of Funded Scholarship in Indonesia for 2021/2022

The scholarship in Indonesia can either be fully or partially funded. The Indonesian government is offering different scholarships to after for the funds of students having a hard time finding their tuition fees. Scholarship in Indonesia is available for postgraduate students wanting to take their education to the next level.

Every year the number of students demanding the scholarship in Indonesia is increasing geometrically because of the benefits attached to it. It is the reason students should try as much to meet up the needs or criteria for these scholarships. Every country has its educational system and likewise Indonesia too.

Educational System in Indonesia

The educational system in Indonesia is divided into different categories such as primary education, middle education, secondary education, vocational education, and tertiary education.

  1. Primary Education:

Here, the students will have to spend six years in their primary schools, but before primary school, they will enroll in a pre-school playgroup to prepare them for a higher level of education. The truth is most of these elementary schools are controlled by the Indonesian government.

  1. Middle Education:

It is the bridge between primary and secondary education. Here, students are ready to get into another advanced learning of education. From here, educators can determine a bright future for the students to follow.

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  1. Secondary Education:

Secondary education has two kinds of education for anyone who wants to enroll there. One of the education focuses on preparing students for university. The other one is for those wanting to start working in building their resumés.

  1. Vocational Education:

The education is to offer vocational training for people to learn one or two skills. These skills could be carpentry, fashion designing, shoemaking, etc. Unfortunately, these skills are beneficial to those living in urban regions, while those in rural communities are into menial jobs trying to survive.

  1. Tertiary Education:

In Indonesia, there are four different tertiary educations – Universities, Academics, Polythenic, and Institutes. Some of these are controlled by the state government, some are controlled by religious bodies, and others by religious bodies.

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General Qualifications of Students for Scholarship in Indonesia

The following are essential for students to possess before they can be eligible for the scholarship and they are:

  • Medical certificate
  • Resumé
  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Passport photographs
  • An essay stating the purpose of study, etc.
  • Recommendation letter from either professional institution or educational institution, etc.

Scholarship in Indonesia

Here, they are:

  1. Undip Scholarships:

The scholarship is organized by Diponegoro University and is majorly for international students. With the scholarship, students can study different courses, and even postgraduate students can study either industrial engineering, Agribusiness, Communication, Public Administration, Accounting, etc. It is an annual scholarship in Indonesia that comes up every year.

The scholarship comes up with different benefits such as settlement allowances, free international airfare, living allowance IDR 2,500,000 per month, internet allowance, settlement allowance IDR 2,500,000, health insurance, etc. International students can apply for this Indonesia scholarship. Students must have an Indonesian passport and they have to be registered with the institution.

These are the documents for the application of the scholarship – curriculum vitae, valid passport, academic transcripts, passport photographs, letter of recommendation, a minimum CGPA of 3.0, and a good score in the English language in either IELTS, TOEFL, or SAT.

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  1. KNB Scholarships:

The scholarship covers the different levels of education starting from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, and it is open for international students to study courses such as Social Sciences, Science, Education, Humanities, etc. The Indonesian government is the major sponsor of the scholarship for International students migrating from their country to study in Indonesia.

The KNB scholarship has numerous benefits – living allowance, research allowance, books allowance, and each of these allowances has its stipulated amount attached to them. Also, there is international airfare and health insurance for the beneficiaries of this scholarship in Indonesia.

Candidates must have these requirements for the scholarship such as good academic results, must be an international student, have a good result from their language test, have a bachelor’s degree, fill the application form with the relevant details, etc.

  1. Fulbright Indonesia Scholarship:

The scholarship is for both Master’s and Ph.D. level students to pursue their dream to earn a high GPA in their field. The scholarship offers students the opportunity to gain access to free education. The grant for the scholarship is being used for carrying out research or study in different disciplines except in the medical field or other clinical courses.

Furthermore, in some courses such as technology, mathematics, science, engineering, etc., the grant is useful in these fields. The scholarship benefits are living allowance, health insurance, feeding allowance, free economy air travel, free tuition fee, and many others. It is strictly for Indonesian citizens.

Students should possess other criteria such as proficiency in the English language, leadership qualities, be ready to work for five years after retirement, and a strong zeal to travel back to Indonesia after their studies.

  1. Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship:

The scholarship is for both International and domestic students, and it creates an avenue for short training performing arts level programs in diverse fields of Arts. It is a yearly scholarship that comes with a deadline. Foreign and Indigenous youths can study the Cultural heritage in Indonesia and also diving into different Indonesian communities such as East Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, and East Java.

The following subjects are available under this program Arts and Cultures. Here are the scholarship benefits – tuition fees, class tickets, free accommodation, health insurance, etc. Therefore, successful candidates will get Rp. 2,000,000. It is crucial for the candidates to be between the ages of 21 to 27 and also having a high school diploma. Any candidate aiming for this scholarship in Indonesia must be in the country a day before the commencement of the major orientation program.

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Scholarship in Indonesia is one of the effective ways for students to acquire funds to study their major in Indonesia. Besides the funds, there are several benefits attached to the scholarship to make life easy for them throughout their years of study in Indonesia. Therefore, it is left for you to opt for any that will suit your course of study.

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