Requirements for Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Going to Canada to study requires some basic things in order to be considered, and here they are:

  1. Language proficiency
  2. Educational transcripts
  3. Financial accounts
  4. Medical records

We have seen the reasons and requirements in obtaining scholarships in Canada for international students. It’s time to dig deep a bit in this article.

Different Scholarships in Canada for International Students

The following are the various scholarships international students can apply for:

  1. Canada Visa Study Hub Scholarships:

This is a scholarship that are available for international students who want to have an undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Canada. The Canada visa study hub offer students the opportunity to earn themselves the sum of $500 in each month to cater for their education. Students who get this scholarship is through random selection, and it is done through online.

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  1. Canadian Graduate Scholarships:

These scholarships are for students who want to obtain their master’s degree. All international students from any country can apply for this scholarship. There are different courses that this kind of scholarship covers such as humanities, natural science, engineering, health sciences, social sciences, and others. The application process is through the school online portal.

  1. Ontario Graduate Scholarships:

This could be you have gotten a first degree in your country of residence, and want to go for post graduate degree. Ontario graduate scholarships help international students to get their master’s degree at ease. The price for Scholarship is between $10,000 and $15,000. This money is adequate for any international students who are not financially stable.

  1. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship:

It is one of the scholarships in Canada for international students. They are basically concerned about postgraduate studies such as master’s and PhD degrees. They have numerous faculties where international students can choose a course to study apart from business faculty. Different students who have their first degree ready from any country can study here.

  1. Private-sector sponsored scholarships:

This scholarship is being offered by the University of Calgary to international students with a scholarship fee of $27,799. International students have different courses or programs where they can obtain their degrees at their disposal. Examples of these courses are Medicine, Engineering, Veterinary Sciences, and others.

  1.  MasterCard Foundation Scholarships:

This scholarship is a partneshp that is being offered by McGill University alongside MasterCard for African students. It is strictly for undergraduate students from African who want a bachelor’s degree from any undergraduate courses. This scholarship has been for over good ten years in which several students have gained immense benefits from. The deadline for this application is usually December/January of every year.

  1. International Leader of Tomorrow Undergraduate Scholarships:

The purpose of this award is to appreciate students who have performed well in terms of their academics, skills, and other community services. They appreciate them based on how they have been to to excel in their areas of concentration. Some examples of these fields are sports, creative writing, examinations, and others. The annual deadline of this scholarship is usually December.

  1. University of Alberta Undergraduate Scholarships:

It is obvious that this scholarship is offered by University of Alberta in Canada for international students. Any international students offering any undergraduate courses is liable to the sum of CAD$22 million for every year. University of Alberta undergraduate scholarships come after the international student has obtained an admission letter into the institution. The deadline for the scholarship is usually March and December.

  1. ACI Foundation Scholarship:

ACI foundation scholarship is being awarded by an institution in Canada to help international students with their educational expenses. They are major concern is in the field of designs such as field, material, construction, etc. They award international students every year, and the deadline for the scholarship is October.

  1. University of British Columbia Doctoral Scholarship:

This is one of the scholarships in Canada for international students. This is a well-known scholarship that is given to students that are running for their PhD. This scholarship has its terms of condition for an international student to enroll for it. Any student who wants this doctoral scholarship must be a candidate of the school for two years.