1. Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship:

This scholarship was founded in order to attract international students with good doctorate degree. In the other hand, rebranding Canada a country with excellence in getting higher learning and research. If you have a good leadership skill and good academic achievements in the following courses such as social science, natural science, humanities, etc. Then, you apply for this scholarship. The tuition for this program is $50,000 every year for good three years.

  1. Humber College International Student Scholarship:

This is part of the scholarships in Canada for International Students. This allows student to study in Humber college, and also apply for this scholarship in order to get all these scholarships available such as entrance scholarships, Bachelor’s degree scholarships, and tuition renewable scholarships. There are deadlines for this scholarship – February, May, and October.

  1. The Katoni Scholarship:

The Katoni Scholarship is another kind of scholarship whereby, students are given a tuition fee to sort out their tuition fee every year. With this, international students can be able to fund themselves while studying in Canada. It is available for all areas of degrees such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD. International students are awarded the sum of DKK 10,000.

  1. Dalhousie University Scholarships:

Dalhousie University is an institution in Canada, that offer scholarships bursaries, awards, of more than $5 million. The money for the scholarship is being awarded by the school registrar. There are several set of people than can apply for Dalhousie university scholarship such as high school applicants, recent undergraduates, students studying agriculture, graduate and professional studies.

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  1. Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students:

This institution is being offered by Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver. There are different types of scholarships that are provided by this university to international students based on academic merits. They have three different semesters with their deadlines, which are for the fall semester is July 1, for the spring semester is December 1, and for the summer semester is May 1.

  1. Queen’s University International Scholarships:

This is an international scholarship from the Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. The awards that are issued out from this institution are for foreign students from the US, Pakistan, and India. They offer several aids to international students such as queen’s financial aid, Government student aid, and others.

  1. Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program:

This is also one of the scholarships in Canada for international students. It is a partial funding for master’s and doctorate degrees. Students from developing countries that speaks French language. International students from other francophone countries have been applying for this Canadian francophone scholarship program, and it is located in Canada.

  1. Global Sustainable Electricity Partnerships Scholarships:

This is an institution in Canada that has been made available for students who are from developing countries. It is a partial funding type of scholarship for sustainable energy development. Those who want to obtain for a master’s degree can consider these global sustainable electricity partnerships scholarships.

  1. Frank J. Ritcher Scholarships:

This kind of scholarship has been open for every international student who want a undergraduate or Master’s degree. They offered numerous courses in this institution, and they are open to different international students who Wang to be awarded this scholarship. It is a partial kind of funding from the Canadian government.

  1. Eni Sub-Saharan Scholarships:

This is a kind of scholarship that are made available for countries in the sub-saharan regions such as Ghana, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, etc. This scholarship helps to cover different expenses such as lodging fee, tuition fee, travel and miscellaneous expenses. The good thing about this scholarship is the more an international student performs all, the more benefits of the scholarship keeps on increasing.

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Canada has provided different scholarship programs for international students to apply and become of her program scheme. The major thing is to meet with criteria and requirements in order to be part of it.