Who Else Needs a Sponsorship Letter for Visa?

Have you applied for any kind of visa, but requires a sponsorship letter for visa as financial support to assist you. Therefore, there will be a need for someone to help you out in writing a sponsorship letter for a visa. This will help you and people working in an embassy to grant you a permit in traveling because the consulate of that country gets to know you are not financially buoyant and someone is paying for all your expenditures such as air ticket, accommodation, feeding, and other miscellaneous expenses to be made during your voyage.

This person writing this sponsorship letter can be someone close to you such as parents, siblings, friends, cousins, etc. The sponsor in charge of this letter is not only involved with the financial accountability of the visitor, but also the legal responsibility. He or she should be able to give full assurance that will make the embassy to be fully convinced that you have someone who is a hundred percent ready to sponsor you. Some situations demand this sponsorship letter for visa, and here they are:

  • There is no proof of financial funds.
  • Submission of incomplete documents.
  • No convincing reasons for traveling

The sponsorship letter for a visa will help you sort out the outlined cases above. Some situations do occur for some applicants who don’t have loved ones staying abroad or in their intended country of travel. As a result of this, they have no choice but to write this letter by themselves. In this article, we are more concerned about someone writing a sponsorship letter for a visa on your behalf. We need to know the meaning of sponsorship letter for visa

What’s a Sponsorship Letter for Visa?

This is a kind of letter being written by someone on behalf of a person he or she intends to sponsor to come to join him or her in a Schengen country. For instance, you have an Aunt who stays in Canada, and she wants you to come to spend a vacation with her. This means she is will be the one in charge of all the expenses such as flight tickets, food, entertainment, accommodation, and your travel fee back home for you.

Generally, it is expected for you to pay to all these expenditures by yourself, but since the person (your Aunt) is going to pay these bills for you, there’s a need for her to write a sponsorship letter for a visa. This is the letter you will show them at the embassy that someone is responsible for your expenses. If you can’t provide this letter to cover other documents you don’t have, there will be no way you will be granted access to travel or visit your loved ones.

Important Elements in a Sponsorship Letter for Visa

There are key things you as a sponsor must include in a sponsorship letter for visa for an applicant to make it acceptable in the embassy of the country you are applying from, and they are:

  • The address of the recipient
  • Opening salutations
  • Purpose of the letter
  • Purpose of visit
  • Dates of travel
  • Address and details of the sponsor
  • Sponsor documents such as salary slips, bank statements, passport photographs, etc.
  • List of places the traveler will be traveling by the sponsor.
  • Well detailed itinerary by the sponsor
  • Closing salutations

Other Interesting Contents

Sample of a Sponsorship Letter for Visa

In writing this letter, the sponsor has to be honest, to provide all the necessary information, and make the letter convincing enough for the embassy to grant permission to the intended person to be sponsored.



Immigration Officer

[Embassy Name]

[Embassy Address]

[Embassy Phone Number]

Sponsorship Letter for [Applicant’s Name] with Passport No

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, [Full Name of sponsor] residing at [Contact address of Sponsor], and a citizen of [Name of Country], the purpose of me writing this letter is in support of the visa application of my [relationship], [Applicant’s Name].

The main objective is to visit my [parents/sibling/ally/other], [Applicant’s Name] in [Name of Country] is to [purpose of the trip]. He/she will be here from [arrival date] to [departure date].

During the aforementioned trip dates above, [he/she] will be traveling to [Specify city/place names]. Also, [Name of the applicant] will be residing at [Sponsor’s Address or Hotel Address]. I will be taking care of the financial responsibility for all the expenses of the trip, through [Provide means of funding].

All the relevant documents have been attached to this sponsorship letter to support the aforesaid documents.

Kind regards.   

[Sponsor’s name]

[Sponsor’s home address]

[Sponsor’s phone number]

[Sponsor’s occupation]

[Sponsor’s signature]

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