2022/2023 Stanford Transfer Acceptance Rate & Requirements

Transferring students to find admission into Stanford university might not make sense. Getting accepted into this school involves lots of effort. There are different reasons students are hoping to transfer to this institution. In some cases, some may find out the school doesn’t fit their career goals, while other students want a transfer because they have changed their course and want an institution that will fit their needs.

Furthermore, many students are deciding to have their foundational studies closer to their homes and then apply for universities with a high level of education. Stanford University has a solid reputation that can be compared to some top universities in the world in excellent research and achievements. Presently, it is only a few schools that can level up with the Stanford transfer acceptance rate.

What are the Schools at Stanford University?

Stanford university comprises different schools:

  • School of Education
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Humanities and Sciences
  • School of Engineering
  • Graduate school of Business
  • Graduate school of Education
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Law
  • School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Science

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Stanford University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Many years ago, Stanford University transfer acceptance rate was less than 2%. Although the percentage, when it comes to accepting students into their institution, the school is very selective in admitting undergraduate students. It is not every year they admit transfer students. In 2019, out of 2,252 applicants seeking admission, the university admitted only 27 transfer students

Stanford is one of the Universities in the world where students are striving hard to get admission. In 2021, they admitted a record low number of applicants. A total number of 55,471 students applied for admission, but mere 2,190 students got the admission. As a result, they had a low acceptance rate of 3.95% compared to their previous year’s admission rate of 5.19%.

Application Requirements & GPA for Stanford Transfer Acceptance Rate

The school has no minimum GPA requirement for transfer students. You might feel they will accept anyone, but the reverse is the case. It will shock you that many of its students have a GPA of at least 3.5 from their previous schools. Also, the school allows students with grades C or higher from a previous university to transfer.

The school uses a holistic process to evaluate their students because they use everything to consider the students that will join them. As a result, your previous school needs to offer you recommendation letters and application essays. Besides your academic potential, your personal qualities matter a lot.

Deadline for Stanford Transfer Acceptance Rate

If you want to gain admission into Stanford University, your application form and documents should be submitted on or before March 15th every year. We have students applying for courses that require portfolios like fine arts or music, and they are given enough time to submit their documents which is March 20th every year.

However, if you will be offering a standard course that demands no portfolio, you don’t have to wait till a few days before the deadline and your application should be impressive enough to attract the admission officers. If you start the application process on time, you will cover the necessary information inside the application questions and essays.

Transfer students need to have recommendation letters from their past colleges, and it implies their lecturers have to write them for them. At this stage, it is advisable to find a college lecturer that knows you to a certain extent because they have to give you a strong recommendation letter for Stanford university to see you as their preferred student. Also, you can contact the lecturer on time to craft a superb letter for you.

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What is the Tuition Fee at Stanford University?

At Stanford University, students pay their tuition fees every quarter of the year. The average fee for undergraduate students is $18,491. The tuition fee comprises different payments:

  • A non-refundable application fee of $90 depending on the course.
  • Association Students of Stanford university fees
  • Undergraduate tuition fee for $174 per quarter
  • Graduate students $45 per quarter
  • Document fee which happens to be a one-time payment for a new degree or non-degree
  • The campus health fee is $232 per quarter and covers things like short-term therapy, primary care medical visits, Baden health center, etc.
  • Health insurance fee
  • Special fees depending on the degree program like course fees, laboratory fees, etc.

What is the Deadline for Stanford University Transfer?

Transfer applicants need to get their application form and documents read before May 15th. Then the school will get back to them before June 1st. Some students might panic during this period. It is advisable to use this waiting time for more preparation and applying for financial assistance that will help you get settled in the transfer school.

However, you can discuss with the school financial aid specialist about closing your accounts with them. Don’t contact the school admission officer while waiting for them to get back to you frequently because you will appear desperate. When they are ready for you, they will contact you to let you know your current status.

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Stanford transfer acceptance rate is important for you to know before making a move to leave your present school to study at Stanford University. If there is any information you want to know, you can contact the admission officers or check their university website to get them.

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