How to get Swiss Citizenship by Investment

It is possible to become a citizen in Switzerland by obtaining Swiss Citizenship by Investment. The country has its method of becoming a citizen just like any other country does have its method. Switzerland is a good country with a high stand of living for its citizens. Many foreign investors who are buoyant financially want to become a citizen of the country and bringing their family to Switzerland to settle for the rest of their lives. Some foreign venture capitalists or investors will come alone leaving their family behind. This depends on individual differences, and what they feel is good for them.

Switzerland is a country with a good economy and close to other European countries where there are lots of opportunities available for people who are ready to take chances. If you happen to be an investor who wants a Swiss citizen but confused about how to go about it, this article will give you deep insight to help you in your pursuit to get Swiss citizenship by investment. This method of becoming citizenship of a country is being practiced by several countries in the world as long as you can offer something that the masses of the country could benefit from. There will be no way your request will be denied.

Benefits of Swiss Citizenship by Investment

Being a citizen of Switzerland by Swiss citizenship by investment comes with lots of benefits to the applicant (investor), and here they are:

  • Freedom of living in Switzerland permanently or the rest of your life.
  • Right to vote and be voted for in any political election happening in Switzerland.
  • The right to obtaining a Swiss passport.
  • Freedom to travel to over 150 countries with a Swiss passport.
  • Developed transport infrastructure.
  • High quality of education and healthcare.
  • Permanent residence permit for the investor and his or her family.
  • Opportunity to invest in large real estate business.

Requirements for Swiss Citizenship by Investment

Some requirements or criteria come with applying for Swiss citizenship by investment. In Swiss, they have the requirements they use to checkmate the candidates who want to become Swiss citizenship by investment, and here they are:

  • The applicant who wants Swiss citizenship by investment must be at least 18 years.
  • There should be no criminal record between the applicant and government or other laws regarding their country of residence.
  • Travel documents for immigration together with the application form.
  • Ability to meet the necessary fund required for investing in Switzerland for obtaining Swiss citizenship by investment.
  • Medical history to show freedom from any sickness or infection. The purpose of this is to protect Swiss citizens from any contagious diseases.

Processing fee for Swiss Citizenship by Investment

There is a certain amount of fee the individual has to pay for this kind of citizenship. Numerous Cantons in Swiss foreigners prefer to stay when they arrive in Switzerland such as Vaud, St.Gallen, Bern, Zug, Geneva, Ticino, Lucerne, and others. Any individual who can pay the minimum fee won’t be allowed to declare his or her assets. There are two ways for this either by paying the Swiss lump taxation fee or business immigration for Non-European citizens.

For the Swiss lump taxation fee, the payment of CHF 250,000 should be made every year. This is the taxation fee to be paid depending on the Canton the foreign investors will like to reside in Switzerland. This fee is like a minimum investment fee for anyone. While for the business immigration the minimum fee for an investor is USD 1million before thinking of applying for Swiss citizenship.

Processing Time for Swiss Citizenship by Investment

After the foreign investor has been able to meet up with the relevant documents, requirements, investment fees, the processing time for this citizenship will be between 3-4 months. After the processing of everything within this month, the individual becomes a Swiss citizen and is also liable to enjoy all the things other Swiss citizens by birth are enjoying.

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Swiss citizenship by investment is one of the fastest ways of becoming a citizen of this country. For anyone who wants this citizenship can make relevant inquiries from the Swiss embassy in his or her country of residence to know how to go through the entire process of becoming a Swiss citizen by investment.

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