University of Bern Ranking, Reviews and Acceptance Rate

The University of Bern is one of the top-ranking institutions in Switzerland which is located in the Swiss capital of Bern. However, the institution is financed and regulated by the Canton of Bern and the university’s highest governing body is the senate.

The University of Bern was established in 1834 and it’s a public institution that offers broad choices and programs in eight faculties. As of the date of publishing this content, the University of Bern is known as the third biggest university in Switzerland.

This university accommodates over 18,000 students with 55% female enrolment and 4610 professors as academic staff. The faculties made available in this institution include theology, Law, Business (Economics and Social science), Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Humanities, Sciences, and human science.


CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland, Bern, Bern, Switzerland


  • Current World University Rankings: 113
  • QS World University Rankings: 123
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: 101

Field of Study – Courses/Programs

Available degree programs and courses available in the University of Bern;

  • Ancient Judaism (Mono, Major)
  • Anthropology of Transnationalism and the State (Major)
  • Applied Economic Analysis (Mono)
  • Archaeology (Major)
  • Art History (Major)
  • Art History with Cultural Heritage (Mono)
  • Art History with Curatorial Studies and Museology (Mono)
  • Art History with a special qualification in the History of Textile Arts (Mono)
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Mono)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Mono)
  • Biomedical Sciences (Mono)
  • Business Administration (Mono)
  • Business and Economics (Mono)
  • Business and Law (Mono)
  • Central Asian Studies (Major)
  • Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (Mono)
  • Classics (Major)
  • Climate Sciences (Mono)
  • Computer Science (Mono)
  • Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes (CREOLE)
  • Dental Medicine (Mono)
  • Earth Sciences (Geology) (Mono)
  • Eastern European Studies (Major)
  • Ecology and Evolution (Mono)
  • Economics (Mono)
  • Editorial Studies (Major)
  • Education (Mono, Major)
  • English (Major)
  • European Archaeology (Mono)
  • French Linguistics and Literature (Major)
  • Geography (Mono, Major)
  • German Linguistics (Major)
  • German Literature (Major)
  • German Studies (Major)
  • History (Mono, Major)
  • International and Monetary Economics (Mono)
  • Interreligious Studies
  • Islamic Studies and Oriental Literatures (Major)
  • Italian Linguistics and Literature (Major)
  • Latin American Studies (Mono, Major)
  • Law (Mono)
  • Linguistics (Major)
  • Mathematics (Mono)
  • Medicine (Mono)
  • Middle Eastern Studies (Major)
  • Molecular Life Sciences (Biology and Biochemistry) (Mono)
  • Musicology (Major)
  • Physics (Mono)
  • Philosophy (Major)
  • Philosophy of Science (Major)
  • Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy (Mono)
  • Political Science (Major)
  • Politics: Comparative and Swiss Politics (Mono)
  • Psychology (Mono)
  • Public Management and Policy (Mono)
  • Religion in Contemporary Society (Mono)
  • Religious Studies (Major)
  • Research on the Arts (Mono)
  • Science of Religion (Major)
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures (Major)
  • Social Anthropology (Major)
  • Sociolinguistics (Mono, Major)
  • Sociology (Mono)
  • Spanish Linguistics and Literature (Major)
  • Sport Didactics (Mono)
  • Sport Science (Major)
  • Sport Science Research (Mono)
  • Statistics and Data Science (Mono)
  • Theatre and Dance Studies (Major)
  • Theology (Mono)
  • Veterinary Medicine (Mono)
  • World Arts and Music (Major)
  • World Literature (Mono, Major)

That’s it on the major degree programs being offered. Also, the institution has recorded on excelling in five major areas which include sustainability, health and medicine, matter and the universe, intercultural knowledge, politics, and administration.

Admission Requirements, Process, and Instructions

Firstly, if you’re an international student, I advise you to read about to process on how to obtain a Switzerland student visa. Without the study visa, you won’t be able to migrate to Switzerland for study purposes.

Admission Process

  1. Firstly, visit their official website via https://www.unibe.ch/index_eng.html and complete application sections.
  2. Next, refer admission to the particular program you going for.
  3. Pay a non-refundable fee of CHF 100 which is the application fee.
  4. Lastly, submit the application form online.

University of Bern Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of the University of Bern is slightly over 43%

University of Basel Fees per year

  • Fr24,000 on Living Cost
  • Fr14,244 on Campus Accommodation
  • Fr1,500 on Postgraduate average tuition fee

University of Bern Reviews

We’ve looked into the reviews of this institution and we can confidently give it a rating of 4.3 on the scale of 1 to 5. However, you can glance through the reviews made by a few students of the institution.


I believe at this point, you’ve gotten the basic information you need to know about the University of Bern. You can always visit their official website for further inquiries.

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