2023 List of Common Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

Walmart has customer-oriented policies to attract customers into their different retail stores. Also, numerous job seekers are optimistic about getting a job with the company. Before working for this company, you will need to answer Walmart interview questions by responding with the right answers. Suppose you are considering going for any position. In that case, it is advisable taking your time to read this article, but there are tips to help you with the interview.

Basic Tips for Walmart Interview Questions

  1. Be Conversant with your Role:

It is better to know your job role by asking the recruiter what is expected from you. The pers to help you out during the interview is the recruiter. One of the questions to ask your recruiter is, “what do the team demand from their ideal candidate, but wouldn’t get with me?” This type of question will help the recruiter or hiring manager that you are open to learning new things.

  1. Carry out your Research:

You can check the company’s social media handles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to have more idea about the things they are doing lately. For instance, if you want to check the profile of the interview panel, and if it is not there, you can ask the hiring manager to know who is going to interview you. As a result, you will be mentally ready to answer Walmart interview questions.

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  1. Visit Walmart Store:

You can visit Walmart stores in two ways, either online or offline. You can log in to their eCommerce site for the online store to see their operation method. For the offline store, you can visit one to observe different things. It will be ideal to ask their customer service representatives about the company’s operation.

  1. Be Familiar with the Interview Structure:

They have behavioral interview questions like any other company to make the recruiter understand how you think. Also, recruiters ask these types of questions to see whether you are a perfect fit for them or not. The recruiter will like you to give some instances and how you’ve handled them in some cases.

  1. Prepare your Questions.

During the Walmart interview, there will be time for you to ask questions relating to the company. The kind of questions you will ask the hiring manager has to reflect your personality as an applicant. It is a perfect time to have a good rapport with Walmart team members. Some of these questions are: What are the present strategies employed by the company to achieve a particular goal? What are the best skills that every member of the Walmart team is expected to have, and why? Are there any recent changes in the company? Etc.

  1. Dress Simple and Stylishly:

The current global workforce requires you to be outstanding with your dress, especially attire. The best dressing tip for Walmart is wearing a well-tailored suit, a pen, a resume, and your notebook. As a result, you will be prepared for Walmart interview questions.

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Walmart Interview Questions

  1. What ignited your interest in working for our company?

It is one of the opening interview questions in Walmart. The essence of the question is to know your motive for wanting to work for them. When a hiring manager asks you this question, there are different things you can talk about, such as job creation, store prices, the company operation, or any other thing you find interesting about the company.

Sample Answer:

I have been a regular customer of Walmart because its prices are affordable compared to other stores. Also, their customer care service is always ready to provide answers to customers’ queries. I’m certain with my experience and expertise from my previous jobs will increase sales here.

  1. What are the right hours you feel you can work here?

When answering this question, you should keep in mind that the company operates 24 hours every day. Therefore, your schedule has to be flexible to increase the odds of becoming a Walmart employee. Walmart hiring managers are willing to employ candidates ready to work either on holidays or weekends. The best thing is to give an honest hour you feel you can work.

Sample Answer:

I am a flexible person when it comes to working in any company. I have done 12-hour shifts in my previous company, and I can still repeat it here. Also, I am very active, especially during the night shift, because that is when I become more productive. In a situation where the company wants me to work during holidays and weekends, I will be ready too.

  1. Why do you want us to hire you?

It is one of the Walmart interview questions you are likely to give an accurate answer to. Besides working in Walmart, you will get to hear this interview question in other vacant positions in different companies. If you want to answer the question, it is advisable to list some of your skills that will match the job description.

Sample Answer:

I have excellent communication skills that help me meet new people, especially offering awesome customer care service. I can perform different tasks and give top-notch quality. I am a fast learner who can adapt to new things to contribute to company growth.

  1. What will make you motivated to work with Walmart?

When you hear this interview question, it is a perfect chance to say things that will trigger your zeal to be at your best with the company, irrespective of any challenges. It is not advisable to list material things like money, employee discount, extra incentives, etc.

Sample Answer:

The things that keep me motivated are meeting my set goals and deadlines. I am optimistic about meeting my milestone and learning new things that increase my creative process on my job. Lastly, I need a team with a positive mindset to stir up my motivation.

  1. How will you handle stress working with Walmart?

It is normal to encounter stress at work, especially working for large retailers like Walmart. As a result, you will need to attend to different customers, which may give you unwanted stress at night. Therefore, the company expects you to have some coping mechanisms you can use to handle stress.

Sample Answer:

When I am stressed out, I step back to take deep breaths before working on my different tasks for the day. Also, I use stress as a motivating tool to get lots of things done. You can mention practices like meditation or yoga, useful in stress management.

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Walmart interview questions are logical and easy, depending on the vacant position you are applying for. No matter the post you want, it is better to come ready by doing background research on the company to provide accurate answers

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