Today’s Big Q: Why Study in Canada?

Canada can boast of top-quality education for students to enroll in different courses of their choice. Over the years, there have been lots of benefits that international students have gotten as a result of studying in Canada. In this country, it is possible for students to attend any of the institutions, and gain a broad knowledge in their field of study.

If you have been thinking of the right country to study, Canada should be on your list. It will surprise you to know the number of international students has increased geometrically based on the various benefits that have been attached to students who have enrolled to study in Canada. Therefore, you don’t have to be surprised by the question, why study in Canada?

Why Study in Canada?

For anyone who wants to study abroad, there are lots of reasons to do so. In general, people have different reasons for studying in Canada, and these are the reasons:

1.     High Technology Country:

The country is known for its high level of technology where it can carry out lots of information technologies with renowned excellence in numerous sectors such as transportation, engineering, animation, telecommunication, hydroelectric, biotechnology, and many other areas.

This country was part of the first countries that saw the need in connecting schools and libraries to the internet. Most countries in the world have copied the method used by Canada. In most Canadian educational system, amenities have been provided with sophisticated technologies used in wiring the school.

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2.     Multicultural Environment:

There are lots of diverse cultures in Canada with different races, religions, cultures, and others. It has been noticed Canadian citizens are loving and friendly. Here, students get to interact with different people from numerous ethnicity and backgrounds.

Due to the multicultural environment, students have the opportunity to eat different meals, attend any ethnic clubs to know more about their cultures. Globally, it is one of the reasons the country happens to be the 7th largest student population with approximately a total number of 265,000 international students running a degree from bachelor’s degree to doctorate degree.

3.     Quality Education and Recognized Degrees:

The country has been known to place lots of importance on its educational system by maintaining a quality standard. For instance, a student who obtains a degree in any university in Canada will be highly employable in the labor market, and the degree is being recognized in other parts of the world. It is amazing the country has been ranked 4th in the world when it has to do with scientific research.

Some of these Canadian institutions are being funded by the government to provide the school with well-designed facilities and amenities to make the learning process easier for students. Apart from other reasons why to study in Canada, students from the country become talented graduates, and their educational system allows the development of transferable skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, communication, and others.

4.     Job Opportunities:

There are lots of jobs for graduates who have studied in any of the universities in Canada. When an international student is done with his or her program, he or she has the opportunity to work in Canada for three consecutive years. In some countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, it is difficult for graduates to secure jobs.

In addition to this, they give graduates post-graduate work permits that will allow them to work in Canada for three years. Therefore, students don’t have to bother their permit, because they can use it to work for any Canadian employer. If you are not comfortable with the employer you are working for, you can still change your employer.

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5.     Affordable Living and Education:

The stand of living in the country is relatively low compared to other countries. For instance, housing, transportation, feeding, and others can be afforded by students. In other countries with a high standard of education, the cost of living is very expensive that the average students need to work part-time before they can afford to pay their bills. In the aspect of education, their tuition fees are affordable for international students.

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